Kevin Kühnert

Kevin Kühnert:

The SPD threatens to "lose some of its control": Kevin Kuhnert, Just chief and leading GroKo critic, warns his party against excessive demands on the Union. His appeal fits the new course of the SPD top.

The SPD leadership wants to avoid too high hurdles for a continuation of the coalition - and the leader of the GroKo critics ranks.

Just CEO  Kevin Kuhnert now warns his party against a hasty exit. "Who leaves a coalition, gives a part of the control out of hand, that's a very sober statement," he said the Düsseldorf "Rheinische Post".

This should be taken into account by the SPD delegates of the party congress on the weekend in Berlin when making decisions about their demands on the coalition.

"Not because they should get scared, but because decisions have to be thought through from the end," said  Kevin Kuhnert, who is applying for the vice-presidency at the party congress.

The SPD leadership does not want to include any claims in the lead application for the presidential congress on the weekend, which is clear from the outset that they amount to a break with the Union, such as an immediate abandonment of the "black zero", ie the balanced budget.

This emerged on Tuesday from the preliminary draft, from which the German Press Agency reported. Even the budding party leader Norbert Walter-Borjas told the SPD newspaper "Forward" on Tuesday: "We do not want to head over heels out of the grand coalition.

" Designated co-chair Saskia Esken stated there, with the party's motion was a clear position "We want the issues raised by the changed situation since the coalition agreement to be truly addressed." As examples, they cited the climate change package, digitization and investment in infrastructure.

Deputy CDU leader Volker Bouffier reacted with cautious optimism. "That's not what  Kevin Kuhnert always wanted," he told the newspapers in the Funke media group.

"Now you have to see what comes out of it. The CDU sticks to its line: no need for renegotiations of the coalition agreement. "

Kevin Kühnert does not want a renegotiation:

 Kevin Kuhnert refused to renegotiate the contract. "Nobody ever asked for that," he said. But the clause of a mid-term revision stipulates that new projects should be agreed if the framework conditions have changed. "We appeal to this clause."

Whether the government will hold, depends on "whether the Union and SPD after the talks, this eternal mode of negotiation can sometimes finish satisfactorily."

The former competitor for the party leadership, Simone Lange, warned the designated chair duo to compromise.

Opposite WORLD Flensburg Lord Mayor pounded on much larger investments, a higher minimum wage and a tightening of the climate protection package.

Should that not be feasible with the Union, the new party leadership should not shy away from a coalition break.

"Before new elections, we should never be afraid, we should see them as an opportunity to govern in another coalition."

From long-term Bundestag President Wolfgang Thierse, the election of Walter-Borjans and Esken will aggravate his party's dilemma.

In the Berlin "Tagesspiegel" he pointed out that the participation in the SPD survey on coalition entry was greater than the chairman election and approval also.

"A non-exit now damages the credibility of Esken / Borjas," said Therese. A coalition exit, however, endangered important achievements of the SPD.

Even former party leader Franz Müntefering underpinned his warnings. "Of course you can now make new, overdrawn demands to make the thing pop.

But that would be wrong. Whoever recognizes the blame for the collapse of the coalition, will not win fame, but will receive the receipt from the voters, "he told the" Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger.

The Union will - not crawl under the door for the rescue of GroKo, I understand that too.


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