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Jens Soering News With 3 Points:

  1. Jens Soering was sentenced to twice life imprisonment in 1990 for the murder of his girlfriend's parents.
  2. Soering later revoked his initial confession.
  3. In November, the responsible body in the US state of Virginia decided to release Söring on probation and to deport it.

The German Jens Söring convicted in the USA for double murder has arrived in Germany. A scheduled machine from Washington with the 53-year-old landed on Tuesday after about seven hours of flight at Frankfurt Airport.

Friends and supporters wanted to receive him there. It is planned that Söring will make a short statement to the press around noon.

"Afterwards Söring will go on vacation for the time being," said a spokesman for his circle of friends. He later wanted to travel through Germany and visit his supporters.

On Saturday, the Freundeskreis published a greeting from Söring on his Twitter account: "I'm so excited to see how Germany has changed.

And I want to go through the Brandenburg Gate!" One was prepared for Söring's arrival, said the spokesman for the circle of friends.

"There is an apartment, cell phone, clothes - everything you need first." Soering was sentenced to twice life imprisonment in 1990.

He was found guilty in 1985 of killing the couple Derek and Nancy Haysom, the parents of his then-girlfriend Elizabeth Haysom, with dozens of stab wounds.

Soering initially confessed to the crime, but according to his later statement, it was only to protect his girlfriend from the death penalty.

He had expected to enjoy immunity as a diplomatic son. The judgment is controversial among lawyers.

Soering always claimed his innocence. Much evidence from the trial has already been invalidated. Only recently performed DNA tests speak against the judgment.

The responsible body in the US state of Virginia had decided in November to release Söring on probation and to deport him.

The Virginia Pardons Committee also advocated the release of Elizabeth Haysom, who was sentenced to 90 years in prison.

Jens Soering - Freedom after 12,262 days:

German Jens Söring has been in custody in the United States for more than 33 years. Sentenced for a double murder he has always denied. The story of a man who will be free for the first time in decades.


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