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In skintight swimming trunks, Jason Derulo presented himself on the net. Unsurprisingly, he now receives more erotic offers.

When celebrities reveal themselves in social networks, it always seems a bit desperate. Jason Derulo ("Talk Dirty") also posted a swimwear photo the other day, where he was almost naked.

This brought some variety to his Instagram account, which is otherwise dominated by smuggling selfies and women's backs. And of course, that was a calculated provocation

Unsurprisingly, this worked wonderfully. Even the later censored version of the photo brought it to more than 350,000 likes - and caused violent reactions.

"I've got crazy private messages on Instagram before, but that has reached a whole new level," Derulo said in Berlin. "I'll put it this way: women are just as bad as men."

Because his genitals were under the swimming trunks, the social network locked his entry for violating the guidelines - and did him a PR favour. Derulo put a sandwich emoji on the spot and posted the picture again.

"I never expected that this is the photo of me that is the subject of the most talk," said the musician. "But that's the way it is, I had a lot of fun."

The British tabloid "Sun" reported that the R & B singer had been offered a job after releasing the "Anaconda Photos" as a porn actor in a movie.

He refused the $ 500,000. Derulo posted the corresponding article without comment. From the 25th of December the musician will be seen in the cinema, but in a much plusher role: In the musical film "Cats" he plays the cat Rum Tum Tugger.

However, the reactions to the first trailer to the film were devastating - despite massive star competitions with Idris Elba, James Corden, Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson and Taylor Swift.


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