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Greta Thunberg Train Photo:

  • Greta Thunberg is on her way home after her trips to the USA and the World Climate Conference in Madrid.
  • On her way through Germany, the Swede struggles with overcrowded Deutsche Bahn trains.
  • The world climate conference in Madrid is threatening to become a debacle.

The family minister and SPD politician Franziska Giffey also commented on the ICE photo of Greta Thunberg.

"Of course, that's not a good situation. She didn't tell the second part of the story publicly - she probably knew why”she said in the picture talk.

"Sure, that's a bit of self-staging. To a certain extent - as you can see from today's debate - that already costs a few credibility points.

”Giffey finds it very remarkable how the Swede, at a young age, can move things that she is deeply convinced of. "I believe that Greta Thunberg is not alone either.

As someone who wants to advance things, she also needs people to help her with it. ”Nevertheless, Giffey finds it“ remarkable how one person manages to pull so many others with them ”.

The whole drama about Greta Thunberg's ICE photo naturally offers plenty of material for Germany's comedians and satirists.

Micky Beisenherz, who wrote the gags for the jungle camp, made fun of the train and the German network.

Which network should you use to upload the photo from the train ?! German moon landing, my opinion.

Have a nice day. ”Jan Böhmermann briefly commented on the Deutsche Bahn tweet:“ Really cool and clever tweet at all levels! ”

Greta Thunberg "hypocritical" or "sacred"? Zoff for ICE photo - even government politicians interfere

Greta Thunberg sitting on the floor in an ICE while driving through Germany - this harmless photo causes heated debates in Germany shortly before Christmas.

One of the reasons for this is Thunberg's perceived status as a personified guilty conscience in the fight against climate change.

Another seems to be the fight for a good image in the PR machine Twitter. And from several sides. What happened?

Thunberg told her Twitter followers on Sunday that she was travelling "in crowded trains through Germany" - and finally on her way home.

What followed was an outcry. Numerous users reacted amused to the photo. And with ridicule for the Deutsche Bahn.

A difficult situation for the federally owned group: because on Sunday he advertised that there would be more trains and more trips to change the timetable. The route on which Greta Thunberg travelled was also affected.

Greta Thunberg and the Bahn - Quirky conversation on Twitter:

The train announced that Thunberg had been seated in a first-class seat on the way from Frankfurt to Hamburg between Kassel and Hamburg - i.e. the greater part of the journey, which according to the timetable takes almost four hours.

This was followed by comments on social media that Thunberg had deceived the public. The 16-year-old responded.

Her train from Basel had failed, which is why she then sat on the floor in two different trains, she tweeted on Sunday.

Finally, they got a seat behind Göttingen. "Of course that's not a problem and I never said it would be one."

She also found the situation to be positive: "Overcrowded trains are a great sign because it means that there is a great demand for train travel."

Greta Thunberg causes excitement with the train photo - Even government politicians get involved:

The following comments on Twitter showed how differently the episode can be perceived - in part also by celebrities.

"As my grandmother said: 'Saints and hypocrites are often very close to each other'", wrote the CDU politician and State Secretary for Economic Affairs Thomas Bareiß.

The other side made further allegations against the railway - among other things, it was criticized that the DB published data from Thunberg's train journey and thus violated data protection principles.

“Are all customers now being published or only this young woman,” asked Thuringia's Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) in a tweet. And: "Why do you duke your passengers?"

Greta Thunberg - Confusion about ICE photo - climate activist reacts to DB tweet:

Now Greta Thunberg also reacted to the fake allegations. She explained on Twitter how the picture was taken. Your train from Basel was probably out of order.

So she had to sit on the floor in two different moves. “I got a seat after Göttingen. This is of course not a problem and I never said it was one.

Crowded trains are a good sign because it means that the demand for train travel is high! ” Thunberg travelled from Frankfurt to Hamburg between Kassel and Hamburg on a first-class seat.

This would have resulted in research on the itinerary. Between Kassel and Hamburg, like the numerous other passengers on the train, she was looked after by the Deutsche Bahn train team in a "friendly and competent" manner.

It is unclear whether she had a seat on the route before. The DB got plenty of headwind for their tweet, but Greta was also assumed by some users to be fake news.

One user wrote: “Because she certainly didn't have to change trains? This is an own goal here. The situation with people sitting in the hallways is simply a reality.

I recently stood in the middle of the aisle because even the floor spaces on the doors were occupied. ” Deutsche Bahn reacted on Sunday morning: “We wish Greta a safe journey home.

And continue to work hard on more trains, connections and seats, ”she tweeted. The railroad advertised on Sunday that there would be more trains and more journeys when the timetable changed.

This makes climate-friendly travel even more attractive. The federally owned group also plays an important role in the federal government's program for more climate protection.

But he still has big problems with delays and bottlenecks on the net. Greta Thunberg has to go home by train through Germany - and experiences harsh ICE reality

Madrid - After months of travelling and two Atlantic crossings on sailing yachts, climate activist Greta Thunberg is on her way home - "in crowded trains through Germany", as she wrote on Twitter.

To this end, the 16-year-old Swede provided a photo on Saturday evening that shows her with a lot of luggage on the floor of an ICE. "And I'm finally on my way home!" She wrote.

Thunberg does not want to emit greenhouse gases while travelling - debacle at the climate conference:

Thunberg refuses to fly because it emits a particularly large number of greenhouse gases. She had sailed across the Atlantic twice, among other things she had spoken several times at the world climate conference in Madrid.

Negotiations at the World Climate Conference continue until Sunday morning. The conference should have ended on Friday evening, but the states were still far apart in their positions.

"I know that we are very tired, I know that most of you have not slept," said Schmidt, the minister for the environment in Chile, to representatives from almost 200 countries.

She wanted to continue until an ambitious agreement was reached. "It's hard, it's difficult, but it's worth it," she said.

Mockery of Deutsche Bahn on Twitter - users warn Greta: "Be prepared for delays"

Many users on Twitter reacted amused to Greta's situation - because there is a lot of ridicule about the train, train delays and overcrowded trains.

"Be prepared for delays," someone warned. They have massive delays if they don't cancel anyway. ”ZDF's show today also hit the same notch last week.

They also wrote on Twitter: “Greta Thunberg's journey home from Madrid to Stockholm usually takes around 46 hours.

The problem: You have to travel part of the route with the German railways. In other words, Greta is probably celebrating on the Bielefeld station mission. ”

Most of them wished the Swedish climate activist a safe journey home and a relaxing holiday in her home country.


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