Four Hills Tournament 2019

Top 10 Contenders In Hills Tournament 2019:

10th place: Yukiya Sato

The 24-year-old Japanese is a late starter. Sato scored the first World Cup points in 2018 and has since improved continuously.

At the Nordic World Ski Championships 2019 in Seefeld, Sato won bronze with the team, at the Summer Grand Prix he finished second in the overall classification.

In the shadow of overall World Cup winner Ryoyu Kobayashi, Sato can develop in peace, after his World Cup success in Nizhny Tagil he leads the field of outsiders.

9th place: Dawid Kubacki
The Polish world champion of 2019 took his brilliant shape, Kubacki had won the summer Grand Prix.

Now you should not speculate too early on a victorious winter due to good mat jumps, but Kubacki has established itself among the world leaders - even if the top results are still pending this winter.

Last year, the 29-year-old jumped onto the podium in Garmisch and Bischofshofen and finished fourth overall. The greatest attention in Poland continues to be Kamil Stoch, which suits Kubacki.

8th place: Anze Lanisek

Together with the Prevc brothers, Anze Semenic and Timi Zajc, Lanisek forms the balanced Slovenian team that can compete for podiums in the team.

Janicek has made the strongest impression so far this winter, with the 23-year-old standing on the podium in Wisla and Ruka.

Janicek is still waiting for his first World Cup victory and it is not very likely that this will change during the tour. Janicek has the potential for constant jumps in the top ten.

7th place: Philipp Aschenwald
For three years in a row, no Austrian was on the podium in the overall tour ranking - a tragedy for the success-spoiled country.

The only constant in recent years was Stefan Kraft, but this phase seems to be over. Gregor Schlierenzauer is gradually getting back in shape, but above all Aschenwald has made a huge leap in development.

The 24-year-old has been on the podium twice this season. If he is successful in Oberstdorf and Garmisch, he will have to prove that he can handle the red-white-red print at the home jumping.

6th place: Robert Johansson

The Norwegian with the distinctive moustache could be the surprise of this year's four hill tour. The results so far are not correct this winter, the best individual result was an eighth place in Engelberg.

Johansson was one of the best in qualifications and the two team competitions in Wisla and Klingenthal.

In the absence of Anders Fannemel, Kenneth Gangnes and Thomas Aasen Marketing, who was injured on the knee, the 2018 team Olympic champion has the greatest potential in the Norwegian team alongside Daniel-André Tande.

5th place: Daniel-André Tande

What an amazing start for Tande into the World Cup season. The Norwegian won the first two individual competitions in Wisla and Ruka and seemed to be a bit away from the competition.

But then Tande injured his ankle, had to step down in Klingenthal and complained of pain in Engelberg as well.

His prospects for a tour success depend essentially on his health, these intensive ten days with four competitions and great media hype are difficult to cope with. With total fitness, Tande could jump for the overall victory.

4th place: Karl Geiger

Every year the German ski jumpers have to ask themselves when Sven Hannawald will be the last DSV winner from 2002 to be replaced.

After the second places by Severin Freund (2016), Andreas Wellinger (2017) and Markus Eisenbichler (2019), the chances for this season are worse than they have been for a long time.

In the decimated team due to injury, only violinists fly consistently far. But can the 26-year-old, who has won two World Cup competitions in his career so far, maintain or even increase his level over four competitions in the touring circus? Possible, but not very likely.

3rd place: Kamil Stoch

"King Kamil" was long placed in the overall World Cup worse than Sato, Lanisek and Aschenwald, only in Engelberg did he win his first competition of the season.

The Pole seems ready again, all the more because the experience on the four hill tour is an important factor.

Stoch knows what to expect. He doesn't mind the high expectations, the 32-year-old has already won everything in his career.

2nd place: Stefan Kraft

Last season, Kraft was the only Austrian who could consistently hold the top with four World Cup victories.

This exceptional position was draining from Kraft's strength, and he was all the more pleased with the rise of Aschenwald and the increase in the shape of Schlierenzauer.

The 26-year-old no longer has to carry the Austrian team alone, which is also why he belongs to the narrow circle of favourites.

The 2015 winner went on tour in much better shape than last year - and Kraft was on the podium three times.

1st place: Ryoyu Kobayashi

Before the season, the Japanese were promoted to the top favourite, although no ski jumper had managed to defend the overall World Cup victory since Janne Ahonen in 2005.

And so it was not surprising when Kobayashi jumped well but not outstandingly in Wisla and Ruka at the beginning of the season.

But since Klingenthal and Engelberg, the ski jumping competition has known that last year's high-flyer is once again victorious.


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