Europe League 2019

Europe League 2019:

Borussia Mönchengladbach failed abruptly in the Europa League - a setback after the euphoria of the previous weeks. The reaction to the defeat is a good test of how far the team is.

With luck, it is such a thing. You can not rely on it. Borussia Mönchengladbach had previously made a lucky pact this season.

In the Europa League, Marco Rose's team scored in stoppage goals in just three games. As it had to come on Thursday evening, almost as it came:

The Borussia retired against the Turkish club Basaksehir by a goal in the last minute from the Europa League. The luck had turned away.

Last Saturday, the Bundesliga leaders had won against Bayern Munich a game that he never had after the first hour.

It is this accumulation of scant results, which shows one thing above all: For all legitimate euphoria around the Borussia, Park Borussia is only on the way to becoming a stable top team.

What is relatively normal when viewed in light. A win against Bayern, especially if it means defending the championship lead, is usually proof that you can defeat everyone in football, at least in Germany.

In Mönchengladbach, where fans are used to disappointment and almost expect it, this success and the way it came about eased the brakes.

Since Saturday is talked about the possible autumn championship without great scrubs, it is not forbidden to think for half a year.

The finger of goalkeeper Yann Sommer, who artistically prevented a Bayerntor on Saturday, is celebrated in a club video.

Something like this does not remain without impression even with players. Basaksehir brought back the game in the 1-1 equalizer can be interpreted as a pointer.

The team has been balancing on the rope for weeks

"We missed a goal, and that's a huge disappointment," said coach Marco Rose of the Europa League retirement.

In the 89th minute of the game, Borussia was still the group winner, a minute later Istanbul's Enzo Crivelli's goal.

This shows not only the vicissitudes of football but also how much the team is balancing on the rope in these weeks.

Also in the end but then convincingly failing victories in the league as against Eintracht Frankfurt (4: 2), Werder Bremen (3: 1) or SC Freiburg (4: 2) had the team phases in which it was defensively vulnerable and could have tilted the game the other way.

This has been masked by the outstanding offensive to final player Marcus Thuram, After negative experiences like on Thursday, you remember it again.

After the 0: 4 home defeat against Wolfsberger AC in the first of the Europa League, the Rose team.

It was held in the games against AS Roma and in the second leg of the Austrians, but it was clear from the beginning of the group stage that Borussia should have allowed no further slip-up.

Then there was in the 90th minute on Thursday.

Now focus on the league alone:

After the DFB Cup, the team thus failed early in the Europa League - in Mönchengladbach they have the option of interpreting this positively.

The club must now concentrate on the Bundesliga alone - the competition from Dortmund, Leipzig and Munich,

however, has to shoulder the triple burden of the Cup, European Cup and championship. Where teams have just played in the rhythm through many games.

The end in the DFB Cup Gladbach has put away relatively unimpressed. After the 1: 2 in Dortmund, the Rose-Eleven then continued in the league winning her streak.

The departure in the European Cup, so close and so close to the final whistle, is more painful. The game on Sunday at VfL Wolfsburg wants to show it's more sustainable.

"We've already shown that we can not back this season," says offensive player Patrick Herrmann.

Top clubs can put up with such defeats. On Sunday you want to see how far Borussia Mönchengladbach has come to the top.


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