Dieter Bohlen

Dieter Bohlen:

There was one hit after the other for Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders with "Modern Talking". It is well known that the two did not part well in 1987.

But now Dieter Bohlen admitted in an RTL documentary "Absolutely Dieter Bohlen" how bad he was at the time - including health consequences.

Dieter Bohlen with terrifying confessions:

In 1986, "Modern Talking" enjoyed the pinnacle of its success. The fifth number-one in a row in the German charts - neither before nor after, the documentary says.

But Dieter Bohlen has long since been torn inside. Back then he was “like a truffle pig. If there is money to be made anywhere, Dieter is there.

I wanted to get out of the story on the one hand and there was a lot of money to be made on the other hand, ”says the pop titan.

Dieter Bohlen mentally and physically at the end:

And then he gets serious. "And this conflict that breaks you down too," admits Bohlen. Not only mentally, but also physically, the pop titan was really bad.

Dieter Bohlen - Particularly bad experience in Dortmund:

A concert in the Westfallenhalle in Dortmund particularly affected him at the time. Bohlen recalls that the mood towards the duo has slowly turned in the wrong direction.

Various artists performed that evening, including “Modern Talking”. When the duo came on stage, there was something in the air.

During her performance, the first whistles sounded from the audience, which became louder and louder.

Dieter Bohlen - The fateful day in Dortmund:

Especially bad for the young pop titan: "And there really weren't any people who helped me." In 1987 he took the consequence.

He reports to the press that the pop duo is gone, and that was the end of the matter for him.

Dieter Bohlen Comeback after twelve years:

Twelve years later, "Modern Talking" try again. Bohlen and Anders team up again. "Like a blossomed love" he describes the new good relationship with Thomas Anders.

The reissue some old Eurodance tracks, Bohlen successfully writes new songs for the album "Alone". With over a million copies sold, they make it to the top of the album charts again.

In 2002 Dieter Bohlen finally had enough. After the last concert in Berlin, not only did “Modern Talking” part, but also the paths of the former companions. Bohlen and Anders can be chauffeured home in limousines


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