Camille Claudel

Camille Claudel:

Camille Claudel was a pupil and lover of Auguste Rodin. Their works are sometimes worth millions. However, many of her works destroyed her. Camille Claudel, born on December 8, 1864, was a French sculptor and painter.

She first worked as a student and model in the studio of the world-famous sculptor Auguste Rodin, who is considered the "father of modern sculpture".

Later, she became the lover of the creator of such famous works as The Thinker. It was a tragic love affair because Rodin stayed with his life partner Rose Beuret.

Camille Claudel destroyed much of her work:

Camille Claudel, who suffered from persecution, systematically destroyed most of her work before her brother, the poet Paul Claudel, had her admitted to a psychiatric clinic at the end of 1913.

Camille Claudel died on 19 October 1943. The last family-owned works by sculptor Camille Claudel were auctioned in Paris in November.

Only the bronze sculpture "L'Abandon" (The devotion, 1886), one of the main works of Claudel, came for 1.2 million euros under the hammer.

Camille Claudel - A very nice Google Doodle for the 155th birthday of the French artist + design:

Today, December 8, French artist Camille Claudel would have celebrated her 155th birthday and will be honoured by Google with a very beautiful doodle.

Camille Claudel was a painter and sculptor who created impressive works, most of which, unfortunately, no longer exists - because she destroyed them herself. Google Doodle features many of her works.

Today's Google Doodle Camille Claudel takes us to the studio of the French artist, where we can watch a whole series of completed works as well as the master at work.

Both the letters of the Google lettering show several works, as well as the various tables and cabinets in the foreground.

Even today, the new trend continues that the small, l 'of the Google logo has its big appearance: It shows Camille Claudel himself.

The draft for today's Doodle (see below) is, in my opinion, the better option - because all works are easier to recognize.

Of course, it's just a sketch, but due to the unfavourable (albeit very nice to look at) colouring of the doodle, some things are hard to spot.

The knee-seated man of the first o, however, was only in the final version, while it is in the draft nor the raw version as a ball.

Today's Doodle was designed by the French guest artist Ichinori, with whom there is also a short interview about Camille Claudel and his doodle on the Doodle detail page. You find it here.

Camille Claudel was born on December 8, 1864, in northern France and had a very difficult childhood.

That her mother desperately wanted a son, she let Camille feel very clearly - more on Wikipedia.

Early on, she discovered her fascination for stones and rocks, so that the path to becoming a sculptor or making sculptures was to some extent predetermined. At a private art school near Paris, she learned her craft.

In the following years, she created many works of art and for many years had a private and professional relationship with the artist Auguste Rodin - with which she arrived at the height of her work.

But after a hard childhood, a very bumpy life with Rodin and some failures, she also became seriously mentally ill.

Starting in 1905, she destroyed many of her works of art every summer, so that today only about 90 sculptures and drawings are left.

Because of this illness, she spent the last 30 years of her life in which she was no longer artistically active, in psychiatric institutions.


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