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At the World Cup in Biathlon in Hochfilzen, the DSV women also disappoint throughout the relay. The men want to do better in the pursuer.

Hochfilzen - Next severe bankruptcy for the German biathlon women: In the relay in Hochfilzen, the German team is way back, Norway wins.

From 2:55 p.m. the gentlemen deny the pursuer. is included in the live ticker today.

Biathlon Update lives ticker here:

The German women once again suffered a bitter defeat at the biathlon. One day after the worst result in the history of the German women's biathlon, the DSV quartet also disappointed across the board in the relay.

Karolin Horchler, Denise Herrmann, Vanessa Hinz and Franziska Hildebrand came in twelfth after a disappointing race. The Hochfilzen relay won Norway ahead of Russia and Switzerland.

Women's biathlon - Herrmann with a desolate standing shooting:

Karolin Horchler started the race for Germany and showed stable performance. It stayed flawless when lying down, it was competitive on the cross-country trail and the two reloads in the standing position were not difficult.

In the top group, Horchler passed on to Denise Herrmann. The race started very well for the world champion.

She was fast on the cross-country track, as usual, she was flawless when lying. As the leader, she went to the standing stop, then the drama started.

Herrmann made six mistakes and had to make three penalties, so the race was over for the German relay.

That was a miserable attack. Maybe I started too quickly, said a self-critical Herrmann at the finish.

Women's biathlon - Big backlog for the German relay:

Vanessa Hinz was the third German on the track, but she also had to reload a total of four times, the DSV quartet continued to fall behind.

The runner-up Franziska Hildebrand remained faultless when lying down, but she also shot three mistakes when standing.

The German team crossed the finish line more than three minutes behind. At the front, the Russian Ekatarina Yurlova-Percht took the lead after the last shooting.

But the Norwegian Marte Olsbu Roseland put in a furious final round and overtook the Russian relay. 

The last women's race in Hochfilzen will take place on Sunday, from 11:30 a.m. the chase will start. is included in the live ticker.

Biathlon - the result of the women's relay from Hochfilzen:

  • Norway 1: 10: 04.7 / 1 penalty / 7 spare rounds
  • Russia +8.2 0 penalty laps / 5 spare rounds
  • Switzerland +1: 04.1 1 penalty lap / 9 spare rounds
  • Ukraine +1: 09.2 0 penalty rounds / 8 spare rounds
  • Canada +1: 09.3 0 penalty laps / 7 spare rounds
  • 12. Germany +3: 05.6 / 3 penalties / 12 spare rounds

Biathlon in Hochfilzen: the relay of the women in the ticker

12:43: The German team is three minutes and three seconds behind in the finish. 12th place is another disappointment.

12:42: Now it's official. Norway wins ahead of Russia and Switzerland.

12:41: This will be the victory for Norway over Russia. The third place is still contested.

12:39: Marte Olsbu Roseland is furious on the road, she passes Yurlova-Percht and puts Norway on the winning road.

12:38: Hildebrand has to reload three times. This is another catastrophe for the German team here in Hochfilzen.

12:37: It will also be super exciting in the fight for third place. The United States, Ukraine, Switzerland and Canada are entering the final round at the same time.

12:35: Yurlova-Percht only shoots one mistake. Norway remains 15.3 seconds behind, Switzerland must go into the penalty loop.

12:33: Now it's time for the last shooting this season. Will Russia bring victory home? Or fight back Switzerland and Norway again. It will be exciting.

12:31: Franziska Hildebrand remains clear, but is already 2:20 minutes behind.

12:28: Ekatarina Yurlova-Percht only makes one mistake while lying, Russia stays ahead and is on course for victory here. Norway and Switzerland don't give up with flawless shooting.

12:26: Can Franziska Hildebrand still limit the damage? This is not easy for the German runner-up.

12:24: Tiril Eckhoff from Norway is super fast. She storms past Switzerland and Italy and hands over second. Russia further ahead, Germany is back eleventh over two minutes.

12:22: "That was a miserable attack. Maybe I started too quickly," says a self-critical Herrmann at the finish.

12:21: After the sixth shooting, Russia leads with 25 seconds ahead of the almost simultaneous Swiss and Italians. Norway is fourth from behind. Germany is way back.

12:19: Two reloads again. The German ladies are completely out of the role here.

12:17: Now the management duo is making mistakes. Three reloaders at Mironova, also Gontier with big problems. Switzerland got through flawlessly and moved into second place.

12:15: The duel between Russia and Italy is in the front. The Russian Mironova is six seconds ahead of Gontier from Italy. Gasparin from Switzerland is back 40 seconds.

12:13: Two spares from Vanessa Hinz, that throws Germany further back.

12:12: The prone shooting is pending. Russia and Italy remain flawless and move ahead. Switzerland follows in third place.

12:10: Herrmann is incredulous and disappointed at the finish. It won't be easy to work with.

12:09: Russia takes the lead over Italy and Switzerland. Vanessa Hinz is back there.

12:07: Herrmann comes to the handover. 1:29 is behind Italy, which continues to lead ahead of Russia. Now Vanessa Hinz comes.

12:05: Herrmann gives everything on the track. It is now one minute behind third place.

12:03: Italy leads ahead of Russia and Canada. Norway has also fallen far behind and the Swedes are also lagging. This is a real favourite die here.

12:02: What was going on there? Of eight shots, six went wrong. From this point of view, the race was over from a German perspective! The gap is 1:38 minutes. Herrmann went as a leader to shoot.

12:00: Now the standing shooting. It's crazy, all five discs stop. What a disaster. These are THREE penalties !!!!

11:58: The leading trio Germany, Russia and Italy get pressure from behind. France and Norway are speeding up.

11:56: Herrmann takes the lead. That is a very strong achievement so far.

11:55: Russia leads Italy and Germany. The distances are small, which Wierer and Herrmann run towards easily.

11:54: The shooting is on. Herrmann remains flawless, including Russia and Norway without flaws. Italy has to reload once.

11:52: It is very close to the front, it will be an exciting prone shooting.

11:50: The Herrmann Express is running! And how, it's only 6.6 seconds back.

11:48: So, the handover has taken place. Denise Herrmann is eighth on the track, 18.5 seconds behind Russia.

11:47: Russia leads just ahead of Italy, Kazakhstan and Norway. Horchler is back 18.7 seconds.

11:46: Horchler will now be handed over to Denise Herrmann. The best German runner can surely make up for a few seconds.

11:44: Oh it's bitter. Horchler loses a stick and has to brake. It took important seconds.

11:42: Now is the second shooting. Horchler has to reload twice. Fortunately, both shots are sitting, no penalty. Russia leads Kazakhstan and Norway, Horchler is 18.5 seconds back.

11:40: It is crowded up there. Nine nations are within five seconds.

11:38: Russia, France and Norway also got through without any mistakes. Sweden already had two mistakes.

11:36: The first shooting is pending. The wind is manageable. Horchler succeeds very well. It remains flawless!

11:34: Horchler takes a brisk approach and is part of the top group. Even in Östersund, Horchler's performance was significantly better than in individual competitions.

11:32: The sick Franziska Preuß left Hochfilzen. So she won't compete in the chase tomorrow.

11:30: So let's go. Karolin Horchler and 20 other runners are on the track. 4x6 kilometres are in line, there are two shooting ranges each.

Before the race: The favourites today are Norway, Sweden and Russia. After yesterday's result, Germany remains only the outsider role.

Before the race: Here is the result of the first season in the 2019/20 World Cup in biathlon. This is how it looked in Östersund:

  • Norway 1: 11: 08.7 / 0 penalty rounds / 10 spare rounds
  • Switzerland +8.5 0 penalty laps / 4 reloads
  • Sweden +10.2 0 penalty laps / 8 spare rounds
  • Germany +15.5 1 penalty / 9 spare rounds
  • Russia +1: 37.7 0 penalty laps / 9 spare rounds
  • Before the race: Start at 11:30 a.m. in Hochfilzen. The countdown is running.

Before the race: Horchler, Hinz and Herrmann had big problems at the shooting range yesterday. At Hildebrand, who made only one mistake, the large backlogs were at the tip of the runners.

Before the race: The crucial question today will be how the German women processed yesterday's sprint.

No DSV lady reached the World Cup points on Friday, it was the worst result in the history of the women's biathlon.

Before the race: Since the sick Franziska Preuß has to fit, national coach Mark Kirchner sends the following quartet on the track in Hochfilzen today:

Karolin Horchler will start, followed by Denise Herrmann, who hands over to Vanessa Hinz, and Franziska Hildebrand is the bottom runner.

Before the race: It starts with the women's relay at 11:30 a.m., at 2:55 p.m. the men compete in the chase. Both races can be found here in the live ticker.

Before the race: Hello and welcome to the live ticker at for the biathlon in Hochfilzen. Today there are two competitions on the program.

At Hochfilzen's destination, there was helplessness and bewilderment. After the worst result in the history of the German biathlon women, the DSV biathletes were disappointed.

No German starter reached the points in the victory of the overall World Cup leader Dorothea Wierer, Karolin Horchler even missed the qualification for the pursuer on Sunday.

Women's biathlon - a relay from Östersund as a motivator:

Denise Herrmann, Franziska Preuss, Vanessa Hinz and Horchler had big problems at the shooting range, Anna Weidel and Franziska Hildebrand were not competitive on the Hochfilzen trail.

Besides, the German women had to struggle with material problems, the entire team missed the start in Hochfilzen.

Already on Saturday, the DSV women have Chane to make amends. Confidence is set to return with the relay, the prospects are passable despite Friday's debacle.

Women's biathlon - the German line-up for the relay:

The quartet Karolin Horchler, Denise Herrmann, Vanessa Hinz and Franziska Hildebrand will tackle the season.

In the first season of the 2019/20 World Cup in biathlon, the DSV quartet Herrmann, Preuss, Hinz and Horchler in Östersund showed that it is quite competitive.

Germany finished fourth, just 15 seconds behind the victorious Norwegians. From 11:30 a.m., it is important to leave the sprint behind and find your way back on track through the relay.

Here you can find out how you can watch all races from Hochfilzen on TV, live ticker and Livestream.

Men's biathlon - With strong mileage on the hunt for Boe:

For the German men, the diary in biathlon provides the contrary program. Before the relay starts on Sunday, the pursuer is on Saturday.

The DSV athletes take the backlog from the sprint onto the track. Sprint winner Johannes Thingnes Boe, who also leads the overall World Cup, will be hunted.

From a German point of view, all runners are in good shape, especially Benedikt Doll and Johannes Kühn showed strong performances.

If the German men also increase at the shooting range, a top position is still possible with the pursuer. 

With Erik Lesser, after the 70th place in the sprint, it was not enough for the qualification for the pursuer. The chase starts at 2:55 p.m., is included in the live ticker.


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