Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2019

Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2019:

The 179th Liga Clásico ended 0-0. There were riots around the stadium before and during the matches.

Around the top match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, there have been massive confrontations between supporters of independence and the police in the Catalan capital.

According to the emergency services, 46 people were slightly injured on Wednesday evening, eight of them had to be treated in the hospital. According to the police, nine demonstrators were arrested.

The Catalan independence advocates of the Democratic Tsunami movement had called for the demonstration.

Even before the game, thousands of demonstrators paralyzed the traffic around Camp Nou stadium. In the stands in the stadium, supporters of independence from Spain waved thousands of Catalan flags.

Banners with the motto "Spain, sit and talk" were also held up to promote dialogue. Outside the stadium, the protests ended in violence.

Masked demonstrators set fire to barricades and garbage cans and threw stones and bottles at the police. The officers fired foam balls.

The top game in the Spanish league, known as "El Clásico", ended 0-0. It was supposed to take place on October 26 but had been postponed by supporters of independence due to the massive and sometimes violent protests.

The Democratic Tsunami movement is calling for a second independence referendum, which the central government in Madrid rejects.

Initially, there was still a party atmosphere with chants and slogans around the stadium on Wednesday evening.

Blue banners with the slogan of the democratic tsunami - "freedom, rights, self-determination" - were distributed.

Almost 100,000 fans came to the match. Around 3000 police officers secured the stadium. More security forces were deployed in the stadium itself than usual.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2019 - Clubs stay on top at the same point:

After the high-class and promising game on Wednesday evening at Camp Nou, the two clubs remain tied at the top of the Primera División.

Madrid has now been undefeated for twelve and the reigning champions FC Barcelona for ten games. In the first half, the guests, under the direction of national player Toni Kroos and with successful pressing, were superior.

Against a brilliant national keeper Marc-André ter Stegen, the royal team left many good opportunities unused, especially in the first half hour.

In front of 93,246 spectators, Barça was only dangerous in the rare stroke of genius by world footballer Lionel Messi.

The second half was more balanced as coach Zinedine Zidane's guests slackened during the pressing. An open exchange of blows developed in which the hosts of coach Ernesto Valverde had the better chances.

The ball landed in the 72nd minute but on the other side in the goal. However, Gareth Bale's goal was denied due to the offside of Ferland Mendy.


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