Andrew Ridgeley

Andrew Ridgeley:

Everyone knows the world song, the Christmas sounds in a continuous loop in Last Christmas. Andrew Ridgeley, the other half of Wham! tells for the first time how the song came about.

"He was new to the class, the teacher mispronounced his name, he was an inconspicuous schoolboy with curly hair and a large metal eyeglass frame," says Andrew Ridgeley of his friend, the world star, deceased in 2016, George Michael.

The former Wham! Singer, who was the other half of one of the most successful musical duos of all time and now retires to England, will be visiting Markus Lanz on Tuesday evening, where he will present his autobiography.

The two had known each other since their earliest youth when they were twelve years old. Ridgeley describes his deceased, "best friend" as a "funny guy", from which he did not even know what an incredible, musical genius in him was.

"Last Christmas": How did the world hit?

Lanz wants to know from the ex-musician, what he does when he hears "Last Christmas" these days and of course there are many people who suffer every year under the continuous sound,

but that does not change the fact that the on 3 December is now 35 years old song is a world hit - written by Michael "on a dark, grey Sunday afternoon" in his parents' home.

"He disappeared for an hour, and when he returned, the idea of ​​Last Christmas was born (...) I think it's still a great song!" Ridgeley explains. At least as great is the equally famous video that was made in Switzerland at the time.

"It was a fun time with some antics like nude bathing," says the 56-year-old, who, when thinking of Michael, remembers two people: the private friend, who was called "Jorgo" (Greek), and on the public icon George Michael, who "created" himself.

Lanz asks what role Michael's then-unpublished homosexuality played. Ridgeley relates that George Michael knew in those days that his career would suffer from an (early) coming-out and "he could never get used to it". But that was also at that time "another time".

"We never talked about difficult topics"

He certainly suffered, on the one hand, from being the "perfect sex symbol" and, as the presenter added, "no one knew that he loved men".

In the friendship that bound the two school friends for a lifetime, Ridgeley adds very respectfully, George George's sexual orientation had never been an issue: "We've never talked about difficult issues."

He says that very quietly and deliberately, probably because "Jorgo" just did not want that when they were making music together.

However, his death also surprised him, although his friend had health problems in recent years. He has been suffering from pneumonia since 2012, and Michael's drug problems are no secret.

"He was weakened, he was not the same anymore." Besides, there were two major strokes of fate: the death of his first partner, whom he really "loved" and that of his mother.

He had "never completely overcome". Lanz adds: "A great genius does not exist without pain." Certainly these days more and more "Last Christmas" is coming out of the speakers, but Wham! is much more than a British pop sensation.

The duo wrote music history, once created by an ingenious schoolboy with curly hair and metal eyeglass frames on his nose, who was just "Jorgo" to his friends.


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