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6 Underground Tops Blockbusters In 2019:

There is not a subtle moment in 6 Underground, but the action sets new standards. Ironically for Netflix, Michael Bay made his most powerful film.

Michael Bay and Netflix - this is a connection that makes no sense at first glance. Bay's films primarily serve visual stimuli and cry out for a big screen, which the streaming service mostly denies its productions.

6 Underground came about, of course, and not just that. Here we may be dealing with the ultimate Michael Bay film.

Netflix is ​​known for not hiring well-known directors on a short leash. At Bay, however, it may be less a question of creative freedom than of the freedom of fool he enjoys here.

A lot of car accidents happen in 6 Underground, the film itself is, in a way, one too: looking away is not possible, even though it gets tired after a two-hour overkill. Warning, spoilers to 6 Underground! Fun Netflix meeting - House of Money meets Ryan Reynolds

6 Underground with Ryan Reynolds - Michael Bay knows no bounds:

Michael Bay does not hesitate and presents us with a memorable chase through Florence in a neon green Alfa Romeo right from the start.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and his crew of justice fighters are on the run, a cartridge in the back seat has to be removed from the belly of a fellow campaigner.

A shot is filmed from inside the wounded body and we look through the very hole that the bullet tore.

Anyone who finds this tasteless can enjoy shortly afterwards how Reynolds handles a severed eyeball. Mind you, all of this happens in the first half-hour, we warm up first.

Bay's sometimes very argumentative humour has not changed. To reduce him as a director to it or all the hair-raising clichés that 6 Underground reveals (in Italy, for example, women are either nuns or lightly dressed models), falls short.

One thing is certain: what 6 Underground shows in the first minutes of action was not to be found in the cinema in 2019.

Cars whirl through the air, idyllic cafés are shaken up, the cathedral desecrated and a helicopter shook off.

People move like objects (yes, an umbrella term must be used here) in a frequency that shrewd spectators can quickly remind of an oversized fairground. What does Martin Scorsese think of the film?

6 Underground is a Netflix blockbuster between genius and madness:

As usual, Bay works with fast cuts and, as always, knows exactly where the camera has to be to offer the audience the maximum visual spectacle.

Especially the scenes of 'No. 4' Ben Hardy let us hold our breath when he makes his way down from the dome.

In a flashback, only an expensive necklace in his mouth, the other end of which has been grabbed by his opponent, briefly prevents him from falling.

The action does not just make you cool but also entertains - even for Michael Bay's circumstances - in a wonderfully crazy way.

Mission: Impossible to reconcile James Bond and the Fast & Furious series in a single blockbuster is something that not everyone can do.

Communicating size in a spatial sense is one of the many potentials of cinema, Bay is also unleashing it for Netflix. Ironically, 6 Underground is perhaps its most visually stunning film to date.

However, the director has a natural enemy that no explosion in the world can eradicate: the script.

We should therefore not think too much about the details of the plot: A billionaire (Reynolds) realizes that he cannot save the world with his money and establishes a secret elite unit to bring about justice through deeds.

The six-man troop targets a dictator from Turgistan - a Thanos on earth, who is to be replaced by his democratically-minded brother as ruler.

6 Underground is entertaining and painfully stupid:

If we had to take 6 underground seriously, it would be a dangerous film calling for vigilante justice.

Bay indulges his cinematic penchant for militarism and - associated with it - his preference for weapons to the point of excess and should come as no surprise to anyone.

The actioner is also possibly the most radical author's film that the service has published to date.

When Michael Bay produces B-Movies with an A-Movie budget, it doesn't seem to make any difference whether he shoots for the big screen or Netflix - somehow this madness is just nice.

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