Vodafone Germany

Vodafone Germany:

The Internet provider Vodafone has massive problems with his network. As can be seen on the page "allestoerungen.de", complaints about the internet are rising sharply.

Thousands of users complain about outages and disruptions - including Netflix and Amazon. Also with various on-line services in Germany, it gave on Wednesday evening massive problems.

Twitter, Yahoo Mail, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Youtube, World of Warcraft and Snapchat were all affected.

There were more than 3,000 messages because of problems with Netflix. For Instagram, there were more than 800 messages, for Amazon just under 700, for Youtube about 600.

Vodafone Germany- Further failures on Thursday morning:

And also on Thursday morning users again report problems with the providers, as can be seen on "Allestoerungen.de".

Many Vodafone users now report that their connections are going again. Especially in western Germany, however, many users still complain of disturbances in the fixed network of Vodafone.

Also with the offerer 1 & 1 user report Internet failures, likewise with Amazon. Streaming service Netflix seems to be mostly working again on Thursday morning.

Vodafone Germany network infrastructure:

The concrete reason has remained unclear. The fact that various providers were affected could point to problems with shared network infrastructure. 

According to Vodafone, the complaints ebbed away on Wednesday evening at first.

The problems did not exist with the network operators, it was said. There would have been problems with Internet access, but not in the network of operators.

Vodafone Germany-What Vodafone could say so far:

At Vodafone, there were at least in the mobile in the late afternoon about three-quarters of an hour-long "capacity restrictions". Of these, 13,000 Vodafone customers were affected nationwide.


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