Tina Turner

Tina Turner:

She is one of the most colourful icons of rock history. On the occasion of her 80th birthday, GALA reviews the past life of Tina Turner and looks back on her ups and downs.

Tina Turner: Icon, living legend and one of the greatest voices of all time will be 80 years old today (26th November).

Born in 1939 in Nutbush, Tennessee, under the name of Anna Mae Bullock, she grew up in a pastor's family.

Her life has been marked from the beginning by violence and segregation prevailing in the then southern United States.

But her life is determined by the music. The love for singing and above all her powerful voice discovers her at a young age and finds her escape from everyday life.

Tina Turner: Your Life in Tennessee as Anna Mae Bullock:

Already in her childhood, the singer encounters serious hurdles. In her biography, she writes that she was unintentional, and this has also affected her.

Her mother beat her regularly - Anna Mae was too lively, too upset. At the time, Tennessee was shaped by racism. The segregation is omnipresent and Tina Turner must fight early with prejudice.

"I had to learn to deal with prejudice, so my attitude to life is marked by iron self-discipline," says the singer in 1980 in an interview.

She quickly realizes that she wants out of this life. There is only one environment in which she feels completely like herself - in the gospel choir. Here the talent of the young girl quickly becomes visible.

But as well as she feels in the choir - shaped by her childhood and the hostile environment, wants Tina as a teenager as soon as possible away from Tennessee.

And so she goes to her sister in St. Louis, where she meets Ike Turner.

Ike and Tina Turner:

Tina Turner's success story begins with Ike Turner. Her future husband should not only open the door to success but change the then 17-year-old forever.

They met in St. Louis in 1956 - the city was a stronghold of rock and roll at that time. Ike Turner already has a bad reputation when they get to know each other, is considered to be quick-tempered and violent.

But it is he who discovers the potential of her voice and makes her one of his backing vocalists. Tina initially does not deter Ike's reputation.

But then she becomes the star of the band. A development that their bandleader does not like - and the relationship between Ike and Tina changes abruptly.

Tina Turner: "From Ike, I learned everything I needed to know about shows"

Ike Turner begins an affair with Anna Mae, as she is left pregnant by her then-boyfriend. He is married at the time, has children.

When his wife learns of the affair, she takes her own life. Ike Turner and Anna Mae Bullock finally become "Ike & Tina Turner".

In 1962, Ike marries the singer to fully retain her. In 1968 they succeed in the opening act of the Rolling Stones their big breakthrough.

But the marriage and shows are marked by Ike's rage and beatings. He rapes her even while she is pregnant with her child.

"My relationship with Ike was doomed to failure when he realized that I would secure his income," reveals Tina Turner in an interview many years after the marriage.

But it will take years before Tina Turner has the strength to leave her violent husband. With him not only her family but also her career stands and falls.

In 1976, she finally makes the jump, flees from a show in Dallas in a hotel. So that she can leave everything behind as quickly as possible, she renounces all financial claims and leaves them to Ike Turner. And so the rock icon starts all over again.

She starts her solo career:

After separating from her husband Tina Turner can not continue her joint success alone. She cleans, works hard to make ends meet.

It takes eight years for her to return to the scene with her album "Private Dancer" and become one of the greatest icons of rock music.

She receives four Grammys, and creates in 1988 with her concert in Rio de Janeiro, the entry in the Guinness Book of Records: 180,000 spectators came this evening to experience the Queen of Rock live.

The turning point in her life:

Turner sees the turning point - from the former wife of Ike Turner to one of the greatest musicians of all time - in one of her deepest moments: she attempted suicide in 1968.

For her, it is the wake-up call that drives her to change her life. "When I emerged from the darkness, I knew that I was destined to live," Turner said.

Tina Turner will dominate the rock and roll industry for decades, write music history with her unrivalled voice,

And inspire millions of people with her voice on world tours. Songs like "Privat Dancer" and "I Can not Stand The Rain" are still unforgotten today.

In 2009 Tina Turner finished her career at the age of 70 years. One million people visit their final tour around the world.

Today she lives together with her German husband Erwin Bach on Lake Zurich. She meets Bach in the 1980s and marries him in 2013.

"My life was hard when I was young, now that I'm old and you're usually sick and suffering, I'm happy as never, I'm really happy," The icon says looking back on her life full of ups and downs.


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