The Hague

The Hague:

The knife attack in The Hague has gone off lightly. The three injured adolescents have already left the hospital. There is no trace of the culprit.

After the knife attack in The Hague, the injured three minors have been released from the hospital. The police said on Saturday morning on Twitter.

The investigation and the search for the fugitive offenders continued at full speed. For the exact age of the victims, there was no information.

On Friday, a man in a busy shopping street stabbed himself with a knife and injured three people - shortly after the attack in London in which two people were killed and three others injured, classifying Scotland Years as a terrorist attack.

According to police in The Hague, there was no evidence of a terrorist motive here. However, will be determined in all directions.

The newspaper De Telegraaf, citing a well-informed source, reported that it appeared that the victims had been randomly selected.

An eyewitness reported that a big panic had broken out in the shopping street. Nobody knew what had happened.

First, it was said that it had been shot. The police tweeted that the families of the injured had been informed.

In the shopping area at the time of the knife attack in the evening, according to media reports, still many people on the go because of -Black Friday sales promotions.

It is just 500 meters from the government seat and parliament.


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