Frozen 2

Frozen 2:

Is the new adventure of Elsa, Anna and co. Over as soon as the credits go on the screen or do Disney's "Frozen 2" still have an encore? We clarify!

For six years, Disney fans had to wait for a sequel to Disney's mega-hit "The Frozen - Unabashed." Accordingly, we want to believe that they now want to enjoy the sequel to the fullest.

However, anyone who normally jumps out of the cinema seat as soon as the credits roll is told:

Frozen 2 has a post-credit scene:

The fact that there is still something to come after the credits is not surprising, because, at the end of the first film, there was still a little extra sequence to see.

The snow monster, who sits down to Elsa's crown to feel regal, is nothing compared to the additional scene that awaits you in Part 2!

Attention, now spoilers follow to "The Ice Queen 2"! If you do not want to know what's going on in the credits and how it relates to the movie, you should stop reading now.

Frozen 2 credits:

If you show your patience, you will be rewarded. After the credits have already been running for some time, you can once again see Snowman Olaf (in the original: Josh Gad / in the German version: Hape Kerkeling), reviewing the events of the film - whether sad, beautiful or just funny in a saukomische way summarized in a quick tempo.

If you can not resist going to the toilet during the movie, you may get missed things here.

The original from the film:

For all those who did not quite have the first part in their head, Olaf summarizes the events of the predecessor in 'The Ice Queen 2' in the same way in a quick run, as later Part 2.

But that is And no wonder: especially for connoisseurs of Elsa and Anna's movie debut, this sequence is probably one of the funniest in the whole movie.

This was also known by the creators, who immediately used the idea in the post-credit scene a second time - and implemented it just as entertaining.

frozen 2 release date:

The theatrical release date: Disney has brought forward the German start date of the film, so that "Frozen 2" (the original title) does not come on the usual Thursday in the German cinemas, but already on today's Wednesday. The theatrical release of "Frozen 2" will be on November 20, 2019.

Good to know: Although the film is a bit darker than its predecessor, it was nevertheless released by the FSK from 0 years onwards, so that parents and their youngest children can plunge into the new adventure of Elsa & Co. - in 2D as well as in 3D.

That's the point in the film:

In the second part, Queen Elsa goes in search of the source of her powers. Even though she has better control over these, many questions are still unanswered. Enlightenment Elsa hopes as they reach shouts from a haunted forest.


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