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Tesla Truck 2019 Cybertruck:

Elon Musk unveiled his first all-electric pickup truck on Thursday. The design of the Tesla Cybertruck polarized, it could also be a vehicle from science fiction stripes like Bladerunner or Robocop.

The Cybertruck has many rough edges - other automakers would introduce such a vehicle rather as a concept study,

But Telas Cybertruck is a production vehicle, which will roll over the streets from the end of 2021 and will split its minds with its design.

Without a doubt, drivers of the pick-up truck with the retro-futuristic design will attract attention.

Tesla Truck Reveal Cybertruck - Almost built like a tank:

Not only does Tesla Cybertruck look like a car that can withstand any attack from a post-apocalyptic world, but it's also almost engineered that way.

The pick-up Stromer has, according to the manufacturer, a novel body, which has a kind of skeletal structure.

Besides, the Cybertruck is equipped with an outer shell, which ensures ultimate durability and occupant protection, so Tesla.

The exoskeleton is according to Tesla impenetrable and made of ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel, which is also used for space X rockets.

It was practically bulletproof - on the stage, the vehicle was maltreated with a sledgehammer - with no visible traces.

Even the glass of the panes is hardened and unbreakable. For a demonstration on stage, Tesla's design boss Franz von Holzhausen threw metal balls at the glass,

which then broke up unexpectedly (in the integrated video from minute 1:12) Elon Musk quipped shyly with the statement that they would fix it until the market launch,

Tesla Pickup Truck reveal Cybertruck can fit up to six people:

The equally angular interior of the truck will accommodate six people. In the front is similar to Model 3, a touch screen with 17-inch diagonal.

The angular theme of the vehicle continues with the steering wheel: It is not round as usual but adapted to the general look of the Cybertrucks.

As is usual for a pick-up truck, the cyber track has a loading area called Tesla Vault. This translates to vaults or vaults.

The name may be related to the fact that the cover of the loading area can be automatically retracted and extended.

In contrast to most pick-ups, the tailgate can not only be opened to the horizontal position but folded down further and elements are pulled out.

With these, a ramp can be formed - ideal for the transport of motorcycle or quad. Also on more gimmicks, Tesla has thought of his Cybertruck, which can be useful in the wild or the Postal Apocalypse.

Among other things, an inverter for 110 and 220-volt outlets are integrated to operate electrical appliances.

Besides, a compressed air compressor is installed in the truck, optional work surfaces for camping trips or repair work can also be stuck to the loading area.

Tesla, according to the illustrations on the Cybertruck website, has also worked on a large trailer and a quad in the same design.

Tesla Truck Price Cybertruck:

Tesla offers the Cybertruck in three versions: The smallest model has a single-engine rear-wheel drive with 250 miles (about 400 kilometres)

range, 7,500 pounds (about 3.5 tons) towing capacity and an acceleration from zero to 60 miles per hour ( about 100 km / h) in 6.5 seconds. The vehicle costs 39,900 US dollars in the basic equipment.

Tesla Truck For Sale With Twin-Engine:

The second model has a twin-engine four-wheel drive with 300 miles (about 480 kilometres) range, 10,000 pounds (4.5 tons) towing capacity.

The model should come from zero to 60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds. Cost: from $ 49,900.
Model Three has a triple four-wheel drive with 500 miles (800 kilometres) range.

The trailer load is according to Tesla 14,000 pounds (6.3 tons). The strongest cyber pressure accelerates from zero to 60 mph in less than 2.9 seconds.

Tesla pickup truck reveals date:

For this monster, equipment requires Tesla from 69,900 dollars. This variant is also only from the end of 2022 go into production.

2019 tesla pickup Cybertruck supports:

For fast loading, the Cybertruck supports Tesla's V3 Supercharger to quickly get from A to B even with a trailer. Specific information on battery size and other details is not Tesla.

But musk said on the stage boastfully that the Cybertruck is better than Ford's F150 and surpasses the Porsche 911 in terms of performance.

Related Question About tesla truck 2019 interior:

1. How much will the Tesla truck cost?

Ans:  The Tesla truck cost for For this monster, equipment requires Tesla from 69,900 dollars.

2. Is Tesla coming out with a truck?

Ans: Yes! Tesla coming out with a truck with fast loading the Cybertruck 2019.

3. How much does the Tesla semi-truck cost?

Ans: the Tesla semi-truck cost is $150,000.

4. What time will Tesla unveil truck?

Ans: The Tesla unveils truck is also only from the end of 2022 go into production.

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