tesla model 3 performance

Tesla Model 3 Review:

Experts have set a new efficiency ranking for electric cars. The surprise: The Tesla Model 3 was able to push the long-standing leader from the throne.

The US Environmental Protection Agency EPA has decided: The Tesla Model 3 Performance beats even the long-standing top candidate. So far, the Hyundai Ioniq had led the efficiency ranking.

Tesla Model 3 Performance:

For a long time, the Hyundai Ioniq could not fool anyone when it comes to efficiency.

However, the performance of the Tesla Model 3 has increased significantly: Improving Model 3 efficiency through software updates helped Tesla outpace Hyundai.

The latter recently made it easy for its rivals: the expansion of the battery in the Hyundai Ioniq led to a slight devaluation by the EPA, as Electrek reports.

Efficiency rating falls in favour of the Tesla Model 3 Range:

In the efficiency rating, the EPA calculates how far an electric car would come with 33.7-kilowatt-hours.

This is the equivalent of the bill that is also applied to burners. There, the efficiency is calculated based on a gallon of gasoline, ie around 3.8 litres.

So far, especially the Hyundai Ioniq points: Since its market launch, the model took the number 1.

Tesla was able to catch Hyundai by a software update:

Since upgrading, the new Ioniq have a 38.3-kilowatt-hour battery. Although Hyundai was able to increase the range to over 270 kilometres, but at the expense of efficiency, which is now only 133 MPGe.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Model 3 has received a boost in performance: With the range increase to 402 kilometres, which was achieved through a software update, the MPGe value rose to 141.

Thus, the Tesla Model 3 efficiency world champion: Calculated in litres, consumes the e-car only 1.7 litres per 100 kilometres and so comes to an annual cost of just under 500 US dollars.

Tesla is currently practising records:

Model Y creates what no one else could. But the competition is already in the starting blocks: at the University of Cambridge, a solar car was recently developed, which could put Tesla Model 3 quite in the shade.


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