tesla gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory:

The US electric car manufacturer Tesla is planning a new large factory south of Berlin. Thousands of jobs are to be created near the airport. But that should be a rather chilling example for CEO Musk.

On Twitter Elon Musk framed his announcement of a large factory near Berlin with black-red-golden hearts. At an awards ceremony in Berlin, the Tesla boss also said: "Germany builds great cars."

So much praise should flatter the stuck in the diesel crisis German car leash - and the announcement of the new plant by the electric car makers encountered in the region on enthusiasm.

"This is great news for our country, and we have been involved in intensive talks and good arguments for a long time," said Brandenburg's Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke.

"I am happy that Elon Musk has decided for our location Brandenburg," said the SPD politician.

Berlin's Green Senator for Economics Ramona Pop tweeted: "If you have visions, come to Berlin! Welcome to the metropolitan region, Tesla!"

Musk had announced in the evening, surprisingly, to build the first European Tesla factory in Germany.

At the award ceremony for the "Golden Steering Wheel" of "Bild" and "Auto Bild", the Tesla boss said that the Gigafabrik should be built near the new BER airport in Berlin.

Alluding to his delayed for years opening Musk but also said: "We will have to submit a higher pace than the airport."

The location should have been intended for BMW:

In the gigafactory south of Berlin, Tesla wants to build batteries, drivetrains and vehicles. "Starting with Model Y," Musk said.

Tesla's Model Y is scheduled to be launched in 2020. On the website of Tesla in the evening already vacancies were advertised, as a location Germany was specified.

The factory in Germany is expected to go into operation by the end of 2021. In addition to the plant on the outskirts of Berlin, his company also plans an engineering and design centre in the capital, said Musk.

The Model Y is a compact SUV based on the current Tesla hopefuls Model 3. It could be in the opinion of experts the best-selling vehicle of the company.

With the Model 3, which is currently available in Germany from a price of more than 44,000 euros, Tesla wants to develop a broader market.

The Model 3 is currently being built at the parent plant in Fremont, Silicon Valley. The factory is so overloaded that Musk had a production line built in a tent next to the factory floor.

According to "Tagesspiegel", the new factory in Germany is to be built on an industrial site in Grünheide in the district of Oder-Spree, southeast of Berlin.

There was already once the settlement of a BMW plant been considered. In the future, a direct competitor to BMW's popular 3 Series series could soon emerge here - with German technology.

Three years ago, Tesla had bought the German machine manufacturer Grohmann, which specializes in production lines.

According to the "Bild" newspaper, around 10,000 new jobs will be created in the new plant. Prime Minister Woidke said:

"The Gigafabrik will give Brandenburg, as an innovative and international location, a further boost and good work for many people."

Initially, other federal states were also in talks for the new Tesla factory - including the Saarland and Lower Saxony.

Hardly anyone had expected the metropolitan area of ​​Berlin-Brandenburg. So far, all models are manufactured at the company's headquarters in Freemont, California.

A second factory has Tesla built in the US state of New York, a third is currently being built near Shanghai - accordingly, the new location would be the Gigafactory 4.

Tesla is considered a pioneer in electromobility, fought in the face of expensive and delayed production starts but always with high losses - but the third quarter could complete surprisingly with a profit of $ 143 million.

The debate over whether the demand for electric cars is generally strong enough to support Musk's ambitious plans for growth could then ease off.

However, there is competition from China, where electric vehicles are massively funded by the state.


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