Steam Controller

Steam Controller:

Instead of 55 euros, the Steam Controller currently costs only 5.50 euros - a farewell offer, because Valve then produces no more input devices.

At the same time, the company stops selling around 1,000 games on Steam. As part of its annual fall campaign with special offers, Valve also offers its steam controller at low prices on Steam.

The input device is instead available for 55 euros for 5.50 euros (plus shipping) available. After that, the gamepad will not be re-produced, as the manufacturer, The Verge has said.

The Steam Controller is intended for PC games, it has as a special feature two large trackpads with haptic feedback.

The input device has been available since 2015, but it has never been fully implemented despite the advantages it offers (test on

In a summary published in the blog of Valve in 2018 with the most popular input devices on Steam, the gamepads from Microsoft and Sony came out in front.

The Steam Controller listed only the category "Other". However, there is a dedicated fan base that now stocks up on reserves and long term look for alternatives - or returns to keyboard and mouse.

The valve is currently rigorously cleaning up not only its in-house hardware but also Steam's games library.

The company has just removed around 1,000 third-party games. This is first noticed the tracking page Steam Tools.

Affected are Sly Pigs, Stickman Backflip Killer Zone and Crimson Defense - well-known titles, some of which have been available for download on Steam for years.

According to PC Gamer, Valve justified the deletion by stating that the games "misuse some Steamworks tools", details are unknown.

According to the report, one developer also noticed that a relatively large proportion of the affected games came from the Russian publisher Dagestan Technologie, which offers them under several company names.


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