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Skank Band Ending:

Group formed in 1991 will do a 30-year tour in 2020 before closing activities. Skank will be over. The rock group has announced that 2020 will be the last year of activity and members will be looking for new solo projects.

The band, who have been in the same lineup since 1991, say there was no fight between them and it was just a career choice.

“You don't need neither the decadence nor the war to finish anything,” says lead singer and guitarist Samuel Rosa in a note sent by the press office.

“It's a big personal challenge for everyone. It can be extremely healthy to reinvent ourselves, try different things, have this space for creative freedom, ”adds keyboardist Henrique Portugal.

In the note, Samuel Rosa explains the reasons for the breakup and makes it clear that he is looking for a change.

“Even though Skank has had changes within its aesthetics so far, certain things are impossible to change when it comes to a relationship of the same four individuals.

Who knows if today we are not better than collectively? ”. To mark the farewell and celebrate the three decades of his career,

Skank will tour the 30 years, with 30 songs that were successful in Samuel Rosa's voice, as well as an unreleased song. Tour dates and venues will be announced in January next year.

Samuel Rosa announces the end of Skank after 30 years on the road:

The singer said the band will tour farewell in 2020. Vocalist Samuel Rosa has announced the end of the band Skank.

"It is an unforeseen stop back," said the singer in an interview published by columnist Monica Bergamo, Folha de S.Paulo, on Sunday (3).

According to Rosa, the group will still tour Brazil in 2020 with the 30 Years tour, which will be their "farewell tour".

The artist is expected to pursue a solo career and already has a release scheduled for 2021. Rosa revealed that the decision to separate the band came from himself.

A note sent by the group stressed that the separation was in a friendly climate. He said he has done everything with the group for 30 years,

Skank Band Ending

And that now the "best way to surprise people is outside of Skank", adding that the group "no longer risks it" and "is very comfortable".

Despite this, the singer said he still wants to play Skank again in the future, but on a one-off project. 

He also recalled that he had wanted to separate the group at other times, but there was always an invitation to change his mind.

Asked if he recommended the same to other long-lived bands, Capital Inicial and Jota Quest, Rosa confirmed that he would recommend the solo flight to Dinho Ouro Preto, 

Singer of Capital Inicial, and Rogério Flausino, singer of Jota Quest. For him, the bands already have "game won".

Skank was formed in the 1990s in Belo Horizonte (MG). In addition to Rosa (guitar and voice), Henrique Portugal (keyboards), Lelo Zanetti (bass) and Haroldo Ferretti (drums).

Skank Band Announces Breakup:

In an interview with Monica Bergamo's column, vocalist Samuel Rosa spoke about the new phase.

In an interview with Monica Bergamo's column published on Sunday (3), vocalist Samuel Rosa announced the end of the band Skank, after nearly thirty years of activity.

"It's an unplanned stop back," he said. In 2020, Belo Horizonte's pop group, which became known for hits such as Response and Pacato Citizen, among many others, will do a farewell tour.

The idea, then, is that the members leave the comfort zone achieved after so much time together and follow their paths in other projects.

The ensemble also features Henrique Portugal on keyboards, Lelo Zanetti on bass and Haroldo Ferretti on drums.


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