Ruby O Fee

Actress Ruby O Fee:

Actress Ruby O Fee knows how to be sexy. But that has nothing to do with certain outfits. Ruby O Fee (23) is one of the most beautiful faces in German film and television.

The successful actress and influencer are happy in a relationship with her colleague Matthias Schweighöfer (38), 

And she is one of the great young stars of the Federal Republic. How does a woman think about the topics of attractiveness and sexiness?

Ruby O. Fairy - Jogging suit has to be:

In conversation with 'Gala' reveals Ruby O. Fee, that it is not about externals such as a certain outfit, a certain hairstyle or even a body type.

To be sexy, to achieve differently: "I think being sexy has a lot to do with self-assurance, no matter how you walk around, no matter what you wear if you're confident, that's extremely sexy!"

But of course, clothes can contribute to a sexy appearance, no question. But Ruby does not overdo it, as she confides with a smile,

"To be honest, I'm not only sexy, but I also have other clothes, I just think the pictures are more eye-catching in sexy clothes, I also like to wear a jogging suit. "


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