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Pro League Brazil 2019:

Garena championship winner secures a place at the Battle Royale World Cup, final leaderboard. Corinthians is the Free Fire Pro League Brazil 2019 Season 3 champion.

The team won the final of the Battle Royale Garena Championship today (9), at Arena 1 of the Olympic Park, in Rio de Janeiro.

With the result, Timão wins the prize of 14 thousand and wins a place for the Free Fire Battlegrounds World Championship, which takes place next Saturday (16) in the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

LOUD, who was runner-up, is also qualified for the World Series. Carlos “Fixa” César, from Timão, was the MVP of the FFPL final.

To win the Free Fire Pro League S3, Timon had to face 11 other teams. In addition to the champion and runner-up, B8, Black Dragons, God E-sports, INTZ, Pro Gaming,

RED Canids Kalunga, Ryze cry, paiN Gaming and W7M also participated in the contest. See below for the final tournament leaderboard. Free Fire promises news for Brazil in 2020 and seeks new records

The FFPL final was decided on eight well-balanced falls. In the first, on the Bermuda map, the initial clashes took place between LOUD and paiN, two of the favourites for the title.

Who did better in the exchange, however, was Ryze, who noticed the movement of the opponents and took the opportunity to score.

The team kept the good readings until the end of the map, taking the lead in the table. The second fall was in Purgatory.

RED Kalunga was one of the first eliminated and, unlike the first match, LOUD scored early on and then beat Black Dragons.

Ryze kept the good game of the first fall, eliminated INTZ in the rushadão and made important points.

The team was shot down near the end of the match, and favourite paiN, LOUD, God and Timon were the last survivors. Who took Booyah was Corinthians, who took the first position.

Except for INTZ, which was eliminated early on, the changes took longer to take place in the third match. LOUD appeared in the middle of the game and made important kills, played well but was eliminated.

Ryze once again showed good positioning and reached the end of the match with their four players. Who took the best, however, was the B8.

INTZ was again eliminated early in the fourth game. After the clashes began, B8 logged in, and LOUD won the game.

The team got into some clashes, eliminated Black Dragons, Ryze table leader Pro Gaming Easy and continued to lead Booyah with 17 eliminations.

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B8 and LOUD fell as the most intense trading began. It wasn't long before Corinthians and GOD were eliminated as well.

The match was from paiN, the Season 2 champion cast that was out in this final. The sixth game started with the top of the tiled leaderboard.

Ryze and God, who were in the top four, were soon eliminated. In the meantime, Corinthians shone brightly when they shot down INTZ, and leader LOUD ran over BD.

At the end of the game, however, Bruno PlayHard's team lost in the house, followed by Ryze and Easy. In the duel between RED and B8, RED won and won its first Booyah.

The penultimate fall started with Corinthians leading the way and LOUD as a vice. The second team, however, was eliminated in tenth place and did not score on the map, which complicated their situation.

The match was good for Timon, who eliminated and his second Booyah in the final. With the result, the team was comfortable for the last fall: with 2255 points. The runner-up LOUD was 1580, and God appeared with 1425 in third.

The eighth and final map defined the second place in the World. Ryze, who was in fifth place and featured in the early crashes, were soon eliminated and took leave of the Worlds dream.

Already Loud started well and made eliminations and important points. The team suffered embezzlement and was left with only one player, saw B8 and God fall, and was eliminated in fifth.

The Corinthians fell into fourth and saw the father shine. The team, which was in seventh place, made 14 kills and won the round.

With the result, Corinthians confirmed their victory and paiN rose to the third position in the leaderboard.


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