Myles Garrett

Myles Garrett - Helm attack on Mason Rudolph:

Myles Garrett beats a helmet on Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph at the Thursday Night Game.

The NFL is shocked - but which penalty awaits the Browns star? Munich - The prelude to the 11th NFL match day was overshadowed by a scandal.

Superstar Myles Garrett rested seconds before the final whistle in his Cleveland Browns' 21-7 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, knocking off the helmet from quarterback Mason Rudolph and beating him.

There were tumultuous conditions on the field, Garrett was sent off as well as some other players in the field. But this punishment should not be enough.

Myles Garrett: "I'm sorry"

"I've lost my temper and I'm sorry," Garrett said after the game, then backtracked, "A win is a win, I do not think things that happened in eight seconds overshadow that."

Hardly surprising is that the NFL has already announced investigations into the case. Experts, ex-players and fans are now discussing what might still blossom for the 23-year-old.

The comparable case from 2013:

The most recent semi-comparable case is from 2013. In the Preseason, Antonio Smith, then of the Houston Texans, collided with Richie Incognito, then the Miami Dolphins, ripping his helmet off his head and swinging him just past his head.

The league drew Smith than for three games from the traffic. Bad Boy Vontaze Burfict received the longest lock in history for an incident on the pitch this season.

In week four, the Raiders player got carried away with an unnecessary helmet hit against the defenceless Colts player Jack Doyle, which is why he is no longer allowed to play this season. His suspension is thus twelve games.

However, Burfict is also a repeat offender and has been fined or suspended 15 times in his seven NFL years, with a total of three being blocked for unauthorized hits.

Myles Garrett so far without incident:

Garrett has not come to debt in his young career so far. This will certainly have as much influence on the sentence as the fact that fortunately, Rudolph did not seriously hurt himself.

But it is also clear: The NFL does not want to deliver such scenes. The league is already enough because of the problem with concussions and their long-term consequences in the criticism.

The fact that players now also beat each other on the field and accept the heaviest violations of the counterparty, does not fit with the glossy product, which Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to sell to the world.

Therefore, Garrett is expected to receive a draconian punishment. It would be very surprising if the Browns-Star will be in the field again this season. This is reported by several US media.

But with the six games until the end of the season, it might not be enough. It can not be ruled out that he also has to watch for the start of the season in 2020.

Myles Garrett: How do the Browns react?

That would be but the penalty of the league. Of course, he also faces consequences from the Browns. From a hefty fine to a dismissal everything is conceivable.

Although Garrett, after all, First-Overall-Pick from the year 2017, is a key player for the defence. But such behaviour harms once the franchise.

"So neither we nor Myles Garrett wants to be," said head coach Freddie Kitchens on the situation.

Whatever happens, it's already clear that these eight seconds will overshadow Myles Garrett's entire career. Even if he does not want to admit that yet.


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