Mustang Mach-E

Mustang Mach-E:

US automaker Ford wants to attack Tesla - with the Mustang Mach-E. The flagship electric car of the group is expected to go on sale in late 2020. A test drive with the prototype.

If a remake of the classic chase classic "Bullitt" was planned today, the latest addition to the Mustang family, the Mach-E, which Ford has now unveiled, would probably not have been planned.

Hard to imagine that an electric car would have survived the legendary chase through the streets of San Francisco,

Which Steve McQueen as Lieutenant Frank Bullitt delivered in a Mustang Fastback GT with the gangsters.

Presumably, after the first jump scenes, the heavy battery pack would have hit the bottom plate. The Stromer should nevertheless become an outstanding vehicle in the group.

With the Mustang Mach-E, Ford is making its biggest ever boost in electric mobility.

The model, with 4.71 meters as long as a Jaguar I-Pace, stands on a specially constructed platform and is to become a global bestseller.

That's why Ford did not experiment with the design. After all, the Mach-E in this segment already meets with the competition.

The Tesla Model Y and the Audi Q4 e-Tron, which will also come on the market in 2020, are also crossover.

The first electric Mustang will probably be the last:

The necessary advantage in terms of emotionality should, therefore, be brought to the name Mustang. Originally, Ford planned to build just an electric car to meet future legislation.

But with the development process also the discussions about a suitable designation began.

"We wanted to give the vehicle a soul and charge it emotionally," says Bill Ford, chairman of the board of the Ford Motor Company and great-grandson of the car manufacturer pioneer.

The charisma of the model name was more trusted than that of the brand: For example, no Ford logo can be found on the Mustang Mach-E.

The soul relatives of the V8 ancestors were visually supported by the designers with the typical three-part taillights.

And of course with the galloping horse in the grill. Besides, a spotlight draws the Mustang emblem in front of the door sills on the street at night.

Blasphemy? Ford weighs down. "We even have the support of America's biggest Mustang club," says Ron Heiser, Mach-E's chief engineer.

Also, the Mustang Mach-E probably remains a solitaire. Further models on this platform are not planned.

Because all other electric cars from Dearborn will be created in cooperation with Wolfsburg. Ford will in future be buying Volkswagen's Modular Electrical Modular System MEB.

This is much cheaper than developing your platform again. "Economies of scale and high volumes are important if the project is to make a profit," explains Peter Fintl the unusual seeming step.

The first MEB models from Ford are scheduled for 2023. And in all probability, they will not bear the name Mustang.

Giant touch screen - with a special feature:

The Mach-E should cost 46,900 euros in the basic version. For that, the customers get a lot.

Future Mach-E drivers may look at a mini-display behind the wheel but can operate a giant screen like the Tesla. Unique is the physical knurl wheel for volume control.

"Our surveys showed that customers did not want touch controls with a plus or minus symbol and no slider function," says Darren Palmer, Program Director Product Development.

How the ride in the prototype of the Mach-E feels, we could already experience in the passenger seat. Like all-electric cars, the energized Ford accelerates linear and supple.

Who uses the full power, is in less than five seconds to 100. "In the Porsche 911 GTS is not faster," says Ted Cannas, Global Director Electrified Vehicles.

At 160 km / h, however, the electronics slows down the Mach-E. Power consumption would be disproportionately high at speeds above.

Even without the steering wheel in his hands, the fairly tight suspension tuning is noticeable. A slalom course takes the Mach-E for more sovereign.

And who puts the driving mode switch on "Sport" gets even something on the ears. The artificial noise deceives a sonorous yet subtle eight-cylinder sound - authentically composed, as Ford points out.

What do the rescue services say?

Old times, new times. The latter ring not only the electric drive but also the unusual door opener. A light tap with your forefinger on a round sensor on the door is enough - and it jumps up a bit.

Ford thinks that even children can cope with it. Whether rescue services find that just as great remains to be seen.

Ford will deliver the Mach-E in Germany initially with the 75 kWh package, good for a range of 450 kilometres. But there is also a 99 kWh battery.

It should allow 600 kilometres range. Up to 150 kW charging power should be possible via direct current (CCS).

In Europe, Ford is working with Ionity, which plans to deploy around 400 fast-charging vehicles along the freeways by the end of 2020, to boost travel in the electric car as well.

Only rear-wheel drive, the Mach-E has 190 or 210 kW (258/285 hp), all-wheel comes with a front electric motor with 50 kW (68 hp).

The system power is 248 kW (338 hp) and 581 Newton meters. In early 2021 Ford wants to send the power version Mach-E GT with 342 kW (465 hp) and 830 Newton meters.


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