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Johnny Depp 2019 Update:

Johnny Depp continues to fight against his alcohol addiction. His health causes great concern to his friends, as they now make public. The friends of actor Johnny Depp (56) are in great concern.

He's dead by Christmas, Tells a friend of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star in the magazine "Globe". The reason for this is his rock'n'roll lifestyle with extreme alcohol consumption.

Johnny Depp 2019 - The Acquaintance Reveals:

Johnny has recently delivered a bottle of vodka to his hotel room at 3 o'clock until the next morning. The next day he attended an event and continued to drink alcohol from a coffee mug.

The security people had to help him so he could just leave. Several times the actor tried to get away from alcohol.

Just last July Depp, in an interview with "Bild am Sonntag", said: "I approach alcohol today differently." And he would do anything to prevent death.

Johnny Depp 2019 - Marriage-Stop Because Of Alcohol

His second marriage was among other things because of the alcohol in the breaks. Actress Amber Heard (33) told then that Depp was a monster when he drank alcohol.

Although he is said to have paid her seven million Swiss francs in extortion money, she finally unpacked in the media.

In an interview, she said, "He hit me hard, grabbed my hair and dragged me from room to room."


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