Europa League matches

Europa League Matches:

The Borussia fought until the end and conquered the second place in the table. Wolfsburg lost high after a deserved lead. Previously, Liège won against Frankfurt.

Borussia Mönchengladbach - AS Roma 2: 1 (1: 0):

Borussia Mönchengladbach beat AS Roma 2-1.

The Gladbach started more into the game. In the first phase of the game, they had more possession than the team from Rome, also the game pace was higher at the Borussia.

However, there were dangerous conclusions from both sides: In the 11th minute, Nicolò Zaniolo narrowly missed the crossbar of the Gladbacher Tor.

A little later, Denis Zakaria almost scored the opening goal for Gladbach, but narrowly missed the goal (16)

As the game progressed, the Romans gained both possession and playing ability, giving them two-thirds of all duels.

With an own goal by Federico Fazio, Borussia took the lead 35 minutes into the game, as Fazio tried to fend off Marcus Thuram's shot but hit the ball in the net.

However, the subsequent uncertainty of the Romans Gladbach could not exploit, so it remained at half time in the 1-0. In the second half, the Romans built much more pressure.

That paid off: Fazio made his own goal from the first half of the game with an equalizer in the 64th Minute good after Aleksandar Kolarov the ball with a free-kick behind the defensive line of Borussia placed.

After a brief period of disorder, Gladbach managed to keep the ball as far as possible from the goal in the final quarter of an hour, but the determined team from Rome did not allow much offence.

Until the end, it was up to a 1-1, which was also the result of the first leg. In the fifth minute of added time, Zakaria then fit in the penalty area, where Alassane Plea headed Thuram served, 

Who shot the ball, also with a headshot, in the goal and Moenchengladbach promoted from fourth to second place in the table.

VfL Wolfsburg lost 1-1 to KAA Gent despite a break. Despite a higher ball possession, better pass rate and more shots on goal, they were the weaker team.

It looked the other way round in the first phase of the match: In the first quarter of an hour, they dominated the game clearly and were able to take the lead in the 20th minute with a goal from Joao Victor.

Subsequently, however, the Wolfsburg offensive began to weaken, which was reflected in the lesser physical effort of the home team and the more aggressive game of the team from Gent. It was 1-0 up until half-time, with dangerous attacks far less common than in the first phase.

Europa League 2019-20:

Ghent started much better in the second half, while Wolfsburg made a more relaxed impression. That took revenge with Roman Jaremchuk's equalizer in the 50th minute,

When the Ghent striker used a template from Laurent Depoitre for the 1-1 draw. A quarter of an hour later, Depoitre himself relented and turned the game with his artistic goal to 2: 1 for Gent (65).

The Wolfsburg responded with several substitutions, but the visibly increased self-esteem of the opponent could not slow down:

In the 76th Minute, Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui scored the 3: 1 for Ghent and thus the winning goal. Wolfsburg is thus after the game in second place of the table and can still reach the sixteenth finals on their own.

Eintracht Frankfurt lost 1: 2 (0: 0) to Standard Liege in the Europa League group stage. Due to the defeat, the Hessians now have to worry about moving into the sixteenth finals.

Both teams started more carefully. In the 12th Minute, the Frankfurt showed for the first time dangerous with a shot on target by André Silva.

Later he headed a ball on the post (34th), which was the biggest scoring opportunity in the first half of the game.

The team from Belgium also succeeded for a long time hardly a successful attack. However, that changed shortly before the half-time break,

When Frankfurt goalkeeper Frederik Rönnow had to fend off a free-kick by Selim Amallah (38.) and Duje Cop scored the ball in the 45th minute only very close to Frankfurt goal.

Europa League champions:

In the second half of the game, the Frankfurt offensive remained inconspicuous. The consequence was a goal for Liège by Zinho Vanheusden in the 56th minute following a corner.

Renaud Emond almost made it 2-0 when he narrowly missed the goal from 20 meters (62 '). Filip Kostic brought the Frankfurt back into the game in the 65th minute.

From 17 meters he shot the ball free-kick flat past the wall into the gate of the Belgians. For a very long time, it looked like a draw until Maxime Lestienne scored the second goal in extra time to win Liège (90 + 4).

Liege has equalized Frankfurt's 2-1 home win in the first leg. The Hessians are now in third place in the group and are also under pressure before the visit to the first team Arsenal London at the end of November.

With a win against Liege Eintracht could have safely moved into the sixteenth finals.


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