Earthquake in Albania

Earthquake In Albania:

After one of the worst earthquakes in decades, the number of victims in Albania is rising. At least 46 victims were rescued.

Rescue workers have freed 46 survivors from the rubble after an earthquake in Albania. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense in the morning.

The death toll rose to 28, 650 people were injured. Prime Minister Edi Rama declared Wednesday the national day of mourning.

State institutions were called upon to set the flags at half-mast. Besides, Rama announced at a government meeting the imposition of a state of emergency for the worst affected regions of Tirana and Durres.

The earthquake shook the western part of the small Balkan state early Tuesday morning. The port city of Durres and some rural communities collapsed houses, people ran in a panic on the street.

The quake was felt beyond national borders, such as in northwestern Greece, southern Serbia and parts of southern Italy.

The Institute of Earth Sciences in Tirana and the German Geo Research Center in Potsdam gave the magnitude of the earthquake at 6.3 and the US Earthquake Bureau (USGS) 6.4.

Earthquake In Albania - Search for survivors continues:

Victims are still suspected among the rubble. With the assistance of detection dogs and about 200 experts from across Europe, salvage teams searched for casualties in the ruins of the most severely affected port city of Durres and the nearby town of Thumana.

In Durres, a 24-year-old was suspected in a collapsed building. In a nearby house, however, the helpers could only recover the bodies of an elderly couple.

At night, they had been able to get their son alive from the rubble, but he succumbed to his injuries a little later in the hospital.

According to a neighbour, the son lived and worked abroad like many Albanians and was only visiting his parents when the quake brought their house to collapse.

Earthquake In Albania - Also on Crete earth quaked:

The Greek island of Crete was shaken Wednesday by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake. There were no reports of injuries or damage, according to the authorities.

However, the shock was felt to the 265 kilometres distant capital Athens. Schools and other public facilities have been closed.

A quake of magnitude 5.4 had hit on Tuesday also Bosnia-Herzegovina. Its epicentre was located 80 kilometres south of Sarajevo.

This was about 250 kilometres from the epicentre of the Albanian quake.


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