Christmas market in Germany

Christmas market in Germany:

At a Christmas market in Germany, a roller coaster employee was overrun and killed. Now a spokeswoman for the police said it was probably suicide. At a Christmas market in Lichtenberg on Saturday night, a man had a fatal accident.

As a spokesman for the fire department said the Tagesspiegel, one co-worker of the roller coaster was overrun and jammed by one of the cars of the ride.

Firefighters had to release him accordingly. Immediately initiated resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful. The man died at the scene of the accident.

On Sunday morning, a spokeswoman for the police said the Tagesspiegel, according to the previous investigation, the man committed suicide. She did not name more backgrounds.

The emergency call was received after the fire department at 19.14 clock. 26 task forces moved to the market at the Ikea furniture store in Lichtenberg.

Two adults and two children sitting in the rollercoaster car had to be mentally cared for by emergency counsellors.

Other people were not harmed, nobody had to be taken to the hospital, said the fire department spokesman.

The fire department ended its operation around 10 pm, and the investigation by the Criminal Investigation Police continues.

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The Tagesspiegel usually does not report suicides. The present case, however, had already received wide public attention when it was still to be expected from a disaster. Therefore, we continue to provide the required coverage.

The Christmas market on Landsberger Allee goes back to the portal "Christmas in Berlin" is the oldest of its kind with hype in the east of Berlin.

Only a few years ago, it takes place on the 20,000 square meter site at Ikea, the Globus-Baumarkt and the furniture store Höffner.

The market is particularly shaped by rides. It was opened on Friday and should last until December 29th.

It was only at the end of September that an accident occurred at the "Potsdam Oktoberfest", during which an employee of a driving business died. She had fallen from a carousel when it started.


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