Capital Bra

Capital Bra:

The German rapper Capital Bra is threatened by Lebanese and Chechen clans. It should go to several hundred thousand euros.

At least 500,000 euros and participation in future revenues through his music to claim various clans of Capital Bra.

That reports the "picture". They are asking for the money because they should have helped the 24-year-old after he had separated from his old music label.

The Lebanese and Chechen clans have recently tried to ambush the rapper.There should even have come to a meeting between the clans and Capital Bra.

There they wanted to negotiate - without agreement. The rapper then sought contact with the police, according to the report.

According to the public prosecutor's office is therefore determined because of predatory extortion. As the "Bild" reports, the police assume that there is a risk for Capital Bra.


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