bachelor in paradise 2019

Bachelor In Paradise 2019:

It starts again! With the start of the second season of the RTL show "bachelor in paradise 2019", dozens of former undergraduate And

Bachelorette candidates may again embark on an exciting love adventure. We tell you who is there and who has to leave the show again.

Who had to go and is out? Who is still there?

This question now needs to be answered week by week and episode by episode. Because who does not get a rose, flies out! We will keep you posted here.

Bachelor In Paradise Episodes 6:

With Andreas Ongemach and Oggy Baam, two new candidates have moved to the camp, which did not directly arouse everyone's enthusiasm.

Especially Serkan Yavuz and Daniel Chitra had in the past Bachelorette season with Gerda Lewis so their problems with the two somewhat idiosyncratic characters.

In the most recent episode of "Bachelor in Paradise", which airs on TV on RTL on November 26 due to the football match between Germany and Northern Ireland, however, Andreas and Oggy had a good laugh.

For both were given just such on the night of roses. It looked bad for drone driver Daniel.

The Austrian had speculated on a rose from Janina-Celine Jahn but decided after a date with Christian smoke for the personal trainer.

It's so fast at "Bachelor in Paradise". So Daniel is out and that's how the women decided on the night of roses:

  • Cara Suckert chose Alexander Hindersmann
  • Christina Grass opted for Marco Cerullo
  • Carina Spack chose Serkan Yavuz
  • Jade Übach chose Andreas Ongemach
  • Natalie Stommel chose Michael Bauer
  • Stefanie Gebhardt chose Oggy Beam

Bachelor In Paradise Episodes 5:

With Stefanie Gebhardt, Kimberley Schulz and Janina Celine Jahn, three new single-ladies have moved to "Paradise".

For enthusiasm with the other candidates, however, did not necessarily. But on the contrary! Above all, the existence of Janina Celine brought Carina Spack, but especially Filip Pavlovic on the palm.

With the latter, it even went so far that he lost his temper just before the night of roses and Janina Celine not only insulted badly but also threw his drink after her.

After all: a little later he showed himself understandably, apologized and drew the consequences. Filip went voluntarily!

Also missing are Kimberley, Janine Christin Wallet and Samantha Justus. They went out on the night of the roses and had to go. And so the other candidates decided:

  • Marco Cerullo chose Christina Grass
  • Serkan Yavuz chose Carina Spack
  • Michael Bauer chose Natalie Stommel
  • Alexander Hindersmann chose Jade
  • Daniel Chytra chose Janina Celine Jahn
  • Christian Rauch decided for Stefanie Gebhardt

Bachelor In Paradise Episodes 4:

With Rafi Rachek and Daniel Chytra two new men came to paradise. But while Daniel was allowed to spend a date with Samantha Justus, Rafi was anything but easy or relaxed.

But that had a good reason too. Because Rafi told his colleagues - and thus, of course, all the viewers - in front of the camera that he and everyone else no longer wanted to lie.

He realized that he was "not about women, but about men" and therefore decided to end the dating format prematurely.

A decision, which also Aurelio Savina has taken, albeit for other reasons. Because the self-styled "lonely wolf" had to realize that he could not get Samantha, but also no other woman wanted.

"That means I have nothing left to do in paradise," says Aurelio. Instead of saying goodbye to everyone personally,

however, he left only an emotional farewell letter that made Christina Grass, Natalie Stommel and Marco Cerullo cry bitter tears.

Due to the voluntary departure of Rafi and Aurlio, however, nobody else had to leave the "paradise" and the following couples appeared on the night of the roses:

  • Natalie Stommel chose Michael Bauer
  • Christina Grass chose Marco Cerullo
  • Carina Spack chose Serkan Yavuz
  • Samantha Justus chose Daniel Chitra
  • Janine-Christin Wallet chose Alexander Hindersmann
  • Jade Übach chose Filip Pavlovic

By the way: Here is the complete summary of the fourth episode and all reactions to the decisions of Rafi and Aurelio.

Bachelor In Paradise Episodes 3:

In the third episode, Carina Spack, Samantha Justus and Janine Christin Wallat went to "Paradise".

Once there, especially Carina provided plenty of conversation among the girls - and not in a positive sense.

However, Aurelio Savina was thrilled that Samantha had brought a woman to the camp, with whom he could imagine more than just getting intimate.

However, Sam had some problems with his vita in the erotic and porn industry. It also looked bad for Isabell Bernese and Michelle Schellhaas.

They went out in the "Night of the Roses" empty and had to go. Julia Prokopy, who could not stand the fact that Alexander Hindersmann liked Carina, laid a voluntary departure.

Whether this is also the case, however, you can read here in our detailed summary of the third episode.

Bachelor In Paradise Episodes 2:

In the second episode, single newcomers Alexander Hindersmann ("The Bachelorette 2018 & 2019"), the "lonely wolf" Aurelio Savina and market leader Michael Böhm are three new single candidates in "Paradise".

For Michael, however, the adventure was over as quickly as it started. On the day of his arrival, he had to say goodbye in the "Night of the Roses".

None of the women wanted to give him a cut flower. But not only did it catch him, Cornelis and Eddy also went away empty - also because no one had expected the decision of Christina.

Here we have summarized for you all highlights of the second episode.

Bachelor In Paradise Episodes 1:

At the start of the new season, it went straight up here. So had Marco Cerullo and Meike Emonts after a seemingly failed part-time relationship including allegedly secretly taken the photo while having sex so much to say and there was plenty of discussion between Michelle Schellhaas and Michael Bauer.

Not long ago, however, have Serkan Yavuz and Jade Übach shackled. After not even 30 minutes of air time, they hung already intimately - and probably not quite sober - snogging in the pool.

Finally, the men were spoiled for choice and allowed to decide which women would go out on the first night of the roses.

Lo and behold: Meike and Sarah Gehring did not cream roses. They are out! And who wants to know it in more detail: Here you will learn everything about the first episode.

Which candidates are present at Bachelor in Paradise 2019?

Altogether, according to RTL, 33 singles will start - 17 women and 16 men.

We list them here and tell them which bachelor or bachelorette season they have already attended. Incidentally, this also goes directly to the picture gallery with the candidates.

  1. Ernestine Palmert (Bachelor 2019)
  2. Jade Übach (Bachelor 2019)
  3. Isabell Bernsee (Bachelor 2019)
  4. Kimberly Schulz (Bachelor 2019)
  5. Stefanie Gebhardt (Bachelor 2019)
  6. Christina Grass (Bachelor 2019)
  7. Serkan Yavuz (Bachelorette 2019)
  8. Andreas Ongemach (Bachelorette 2019)
  9. Oggy Baam (Bachelorette 2019)
  10. Daniel Chytra (Bachelorette 2019)
  11. Sebastian Mansla (Bachelorette 2019)
  12. Alex Hindersmann (Bachelorette 2018 and 2019)
  13. Carina Spack (Bachelor 2018, Bachelor in Paradise 2018)
  14. Michelle Schellhaas (Bachelor 2018)
  15. Janine Christin Wallat (Bachelor 2018)
  16. Meike Emonts (Bachelor 2018)
  17. Janina Celine Jahn (Bachelor 2018)
  18. Amelie Sperlich (Bachelor 2018)
  19. Filip Pavlovic (Bachelorette 2018)
  20. Sören Altmann (Bachelorette 2018)
  21. Rafi Rachek (Bachelorette 2018)
  22. Eddy Mock (Bachelorette 2018)
  23. Christian Rauch (Bachelorette 2014, Bachelor in Paradise 2018)
  24. Michael Boehm (Bachelorette 2017)
  25. Cara Suckert (Bachelor 2017)
  26. Michi Bauer (Bachelorette 2017)
  27. Marco Cerullo (Bachelorette 2017)
  28. Julia Prokopy (Bachelor 2017)
  29. Samantha Justus (Bachelor 2015)
  30. Aurelio Savina (Bachelorette 2014, "Jungle Camp" 2015)
  31. Cornelis Steiner (Bachelorette 2014)
  32. Sarah Gering (Bachelor 2013)
  33. Natalie Stommel (Bachelor 2013)

A special case is Paul Janke. The Ur-Bachelor of 2012 will also be there. Not as a single candidate, but - and that's no joke - as a bartender.

"My new job will be to mix some cocktails for the singles, but above all to be the point of contact for them. I'm the dad of the camp, give tips and help with problems, "said Janke about his role.

What is a bachelor in paradise 2019 about?

Of course, the search for great love. Because RTL grants several former Bachelor and Bachelorette candidates a second or even third chance to find their partner for life.

Specifically, this means that the singles in a pretty resort can flirt with each other every day, but in the "night of roses" but also for or against each other to decide.

Because at Bachelor in Paradise, not all candidates plunge into the love adventure at the same time.

Again and again, candidates who do not get a Rose, leave the show and then come up, again and again, a new candidate. Variety is taken care of.

But secretly, RTL is, above all, about good entertainment. Strife, jealousy but also tingling eroticism are welcome.

And the participating candidates should also be interested in increasing the number of their Instagram subscribers. Anyway, as a so-called influencer you can live quite well today.

Can I also see Bachelor in Paradise 2019 online in the stream?

Yes! RTL also airs the current episode of Bachelor in Paradise in parallel to the TV broadcast in the live stream at TV NOW.

Anyone who wants to see the consequences, however, even a week before TV broadcast in the media library of the RTL Group. There you can watch the episodes even after the TV broadcast in the repeat.

Who hosts a bachelor in paradise 2019?

In the first season, Florian Ambrosius still led by the dating show as a moderator, this year, however, RTL waived a moderator or a presenter.

After all, with camp dad and dating expert Paul Janke there is already a man who can classify the event adequately.

When did Bachelor in Paradise start in 2019?

The first of a total of nine episodes of the second season of Bachelor in Paradise was broadcast on Tuesday, October 15, 2019, at 20:15 on RTL.

That was quite a surprise because so far RTL placed his dating shows on a Wednesday night. A Bachelor in Paradise, it was already on Tuesdays in the full flirting offensive.

Which pairs have you found at bachelor in paradise 2019?

In the first season, there were three couples, who at the end of the season a rose as a token of their love: Philipp Stehler and Pamela Gil Mata, Sebastian Fobe and Carina Spack and Evelyn Burdecki and Domenico De Cicco.

No one is together anymore today. The relationship between Philipp and Pam ended in a publicly-held Rose War, Sebastian and Carina quickly lost track of each other and Evelyn and Domenico parted after it became clear that De Cicco was expecting a baby with his ex-girlfriend. After all: Both then made it to the jungle camp - and Evelyn even got there the jungle crown.

Not a Bachelor in Paradise today - what's going on?

RTL has just dropped off Frauke Ludowig's talk on "Bachelor in Paradise". And today, not even the dome show itself is running.

Was that it? Because of the quotas, the idea of ​​an early exit is not completely devious: even in the last week, the dome show turned on only 850,000 advertising-relevant viewers; the market share is thus still single-digit, even if the curve was gently upwards this time.

The fact that "Bachelor in Paradise" is not broadcast today, but has a more harmless reason: RTL shows on the program the home game of the German national team, which competes in the European Qualifiers against Northern Ireland.

The kick-off is at 20.45, at 20.15 clock begins RTL with the preliminary coverage.

"Bachelor in Paradise 2019" will be back on prime time on Tuesday, November 26, as usual. The tension before the sixth episode is great.

We remember: In the last week, the candidates increased into a kind of collective hysteria, Marco threatened with the voluntary move, Filip and Sam went.

And the last thing that Filip called to his comrades was the captioning phrases: "I eat Rabab and sweat duck." What does all this mean? We will not know it until next Tuesday.


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