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Apple tv update News:

With Apple TV +, the Apple brand is officially launching in subscription streaming. Available today, November 1, the service offers an offer a little different from the competition.

Here's how to access it and a first opinion on the platform. Subscription streaming is a buoyant market.

The giants of new technologies and entertainment are not mistaken and are still more likely to embark on the adventure.

Apple is the first to leap this Friday, November 1 with its Apple TV + service. But Disney +, HBO Max, Peacock (NBCUniversal) and Salto will soon follow.

Each time, the ambition is the same: to win market share at Netflix and to find a place in the sun in a sector where competition is fierce.

In the meantime, let's look at Apple's new SVOD service. Want to know how to access it? Which devices are compatible?

What content is on the program? All, having a first return on the platform? The answers to all these questions are in this article.

Apple tv reset breaks prices:

Like most of its rivals, Apple can test its platform for free before starting to charge your money. Here, the planned test is 7 days.

After this period, you will automatically be charged 4.99 euros per month, the price of the subscription.

If you are not convinced by the new service, the subscription is cancellable at any time in the "settings" tab of the App Store or Apple TV.

Let's still note that Apple is voluntarily choosing to break prices with a price much lower than the competition.

If you bought a new iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Apple TV after September 10th, do not make the mistake of paying for your Apple TV + subscription.

To thank you for your purchase, the brand at the apple offers you one year of free subscription. It can be activated in Apple TV application where the company led by Tim Cook gives access to its catalogue of series.

Be careful anyway, you have three months after the date of startup of your device to validate your free subscription. It should not be too late.

Apple tv setup - On which devices already?

First, Apple TV + is not an application, but a component of the Apple TV app (available on the Apple TV box and iOS).

As mentioned above, it is on the latter that you can access your series. For those who do not own a brand product, the streaming service is also available on all web browsers.

On Apple products, iOS 12.3, tvOS 12.3 and macOS Catalina are needed every time. Otherwise, the list of compatible devices is long as the arm: iPod, iPad, Apple TV (4K, HD, 3rd generation), iPod Touch and Mac; but not only.

Owners of recent Samsung smart TVs can also enjoy it, like an LG TV, Roku, Sony, Vizio and Amazon Fire TV owners in the near future.

Which series to put in the tooth?

The main feature of the Apple TV + catalogue? It only displays exclusives produced specifically for the service.

Three episodes of most shows are available immediately and a new episode will be added every week.

A choice that contrasts with that of Netflix and others who prefer to put everything online at the same time. However, some programs, perhaps the least expected, are also viewable in full.

Here is a first list of the main original creations Apple TV + on the platform:

  • Are you sleeping? - A mysterious drama of Octavia Spencer.
  • The Morning Show, a drama series on a morning TV with Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell.
  • Oprah, a literary program where Oprah Winfrey meets and discusses with successful authors
  • For All Mankind - A sci-fi series by Outlander producer and Battlestar Galactica, Ronald D. Moore.
  • Servant, a thriller by Mr Night Shyamalan.
  • See, a science fiction drama starring Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones and Aquaman.
  • Mythic Quest, a comedy by Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day who created and performed in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Dickinson, a comedy about the poetess Emilie Dickinson, with Hailee Steinfeld of True Grit and The Edge of Seventeen.
  • Hipsters, the new children's show from the creators of 1, Sesame Street
  • Snoopy in space, a reboot of the famous cartoon where Charlie Brown's famous dog realizes his dream of becoming an astronaut
  • The secret of the pen, a children's series where a gang of teenagers must thwart the plans of a malicious ghost
  • The Elephant Queen, a documentary retracing the journey of Athena, dominant female herd of elephants in Africa
  • Hala, produced by Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Truth Be Told, a detective series with Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul

Others will soon follow and arrive in the following months. Programs are subtitled and/or dubbed in 40 languages.

Logical when you know that the service is launched simultaneously in more than 100 countries. Add that like most other SVOD players,

Apple TV + includes a "download" mode to view offline content and a compatibility Dolby Atmos and 4K HDR welcome. There is also no advertising in the program.

What we think about apple tv update:

Without presuming the quality of the content that we have not all been able to view, several observations are needed from the outset. If you're a compulsive binge-watcher, Apple TV + may not be your best option.

The new platform opts for very different positioning of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and soon Disney +. She is betting on a smaller and more exclusive catalogue.

Features that do not put it in direct competition with other suppliers. Indeed, we are far from being lost, even if there is still something to do.

Still, if you want a lot of choices and a wide variety of programs directly (movies, series, documentaries, cartoons ...), Apple TV + should not be your first choice, rather a service to take in addition to another.

At a time when the competition is playing on volume to make a difference, it's an interesting approach.

Not sure, however, that this is fruitful for Apple. The depth of the catalogue is one of the main subscription criteria for consumers.

The quality of the programs, the cast and the prestige of the directors too. Of these three settings, Apple TV + surely has a card to play.

Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, J.J. Adams, Steve Carell, Damien Chazelle, Steven Spielberg ... all these personalities have agreed to work with Apple on projects for its SVOD platform.

In front of or behind the camera, they unquestionably bring a certain cachet to the original creations of Apple TV +.

Quality rather than quantity Here is the postulate of the firm. The bet is rather risky. Apple has invested heavily in the project and if the public does not follow, it will be very difficult to make money.

However, at 4.99 euros per month, there is no reason that Apple TV + does not seduce the curious, especially lovers of the ecosystem of the brand.

In any case, it does everything to attract them with its offer of one year of free subscription.

Let's not forget that the SVOD is only a drop in the ocean of other more important activities for the Cupertino company.

Even if the success is not at the rendezvous, it will recover without much problem.


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