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Apple maps dispute over the Crimea:

Apple's mapping service now indicates the Black Sea Peninsula in Russia as Russian. Apple must take this back, the Lithuanian government demands.

The controversy surrounding Apple Maps and the question of whether Crimea, under pressure from the Russian government, may be called part of Russia, is drawing international circles.

Following protests from the directly affected Ukraine, the Lithuanian government has now spoken up.

People are still dying:

Lithuania supported Ukraine in its dispute with the US technology group Apple for the assignment of Crimea to Russia, it was said on Thursday from Vilnius.

"We urge Apple to withdraw this ignorant position because the status quo in Crimea has not changed," Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius wrote to the short message service Twitter.

Apple officially marks the Black Sea peninsula under pressure from the State Duma in Moscow since this week as Russian territory, as user noticed and confirmed by Russian politicians - at least for users with the location Russia.

Kyiv reacted with annoyance to this step. Outside Russia, users still see Crimea as an "autonomous republic" - but without the addition of Ukraine.

Print on Google:

Russia had annexed the international Crimea under international law in 2014 against international protests - and then repeatedly demanded that Internet corporations, under threat of high penalties, change the card designations.

Google, whose map service Google Maps should be the most popular in Europe and North America, had not yet implemented these demands.

Apple always emphasizes that the company must abide by local laws. The company is blocking Taiwan's national flag in China and Hong Kong in its iOS 13 emoji list.


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