Apache 207

Apache 207:

No longer has a newcomer caused so much commotion as Apache 207 - four singles at the same time could land on the top of the charts. This can only work because the rapper knows exactly how to generate maximum attention.

The unofficial hype code of the German is felt to consist only of a few paragraphs, but it is the work to be done if you want to go through as the hottest part of the season.

Apache 207 has done his homework more than thoroughly in this respect - at least he is on everyone's lips.

The debut EP with the pretty good title "Platte" has just been released, and the tickets for its first tour in April 2020 (ten concerts) were no tickets available within a few minutes.

Not much is known about the 22-year-old yet - but that's part of the concept (see below). Apache 207 is a coherent overall product, rosy future forecast included. So we introduce you to the newcomer once by paragraph by clause.

Apache 207: Controversial and successful:

1: The rapper has to be different

Regardless of the heavy hype, the craft must first be considered, and there is Apache 207 the hype, because how he mixes his flows with R & B and Soul - that has not existed in Germany so, no, especially not at Xavier Naidoo!

And then the appearance: sunglasses, 80s retro aesthetics, oiled hair, type "Falco des Deutschrap", as fans already refer to him. The gentle voice also sets a nice contrast to the lush lyrics.

2: The rapper must succeed

As mentioned above: His first tour was sold out, but Apache 207 only rides the wave. At the moment, four (!) Of his songs are simultaneously in the top 10 of the German single charts: "Roller", "Why are you doing this?", "200 km / h" and "2002" feat. Sido.

"Roller" recorded at Spotify also over 75 million streams (as of: 4.11.2019). No question: the numbers speak for Apache 207. Skills and style too. But the hype needs even more...

3: The rapper has to stay a bit mysterious

Apache 207 does not give interviews, which only fuels the mysterious aura around it. What is (so far) known about him:

His real name is Volkan Yaman, he has just turned 22 and grew up in the prefabricated building of Ludwigshafen-Gartenstadt.

These are the key facts of the currently most exciting starter in the game. Sometimes you do not have to know anymore - as long as the music speaks for itself ...

4: The rapper must polarize

For his lyrics, Apache 207 had to take a lot of criticism within a short time. To put it mildly: he will not end the eternal discussion about sexism and homophobia in Deutschrap with his lyrics in songs like "Little Whore".

Rather the opposite. Also, the controversial poet was accused of cultural appropriation, because he is dressed in the music video for "Roller" as an Indian. But despite all the debate in 2019, one or two small scandals in hip-hop still seem to be anything but business-damaging.

Apache 207 Live 2020

  • 20.04.2020 - Leipzig, T√§ubchenthal (sold out)
  • 21.04.2020 - Vienna, Flex (sold out)
  • 22.04.2020 - Munich, Technikum (sold out)
  • 23.04.2020 - Cologne, canteen (sold out)
  • 24.04.2020 - Stuttgart, I'm Wizemann (sold out)
  • 25.04.2020 - Zurich, Mascotte (sold out)
  • 27.04.2020 - Frankfurt, Batschkapp (sold out
  • 28.04.2020 - Hamburg, Uebel & Dangerous (sold out)
  • 29.04.2020 - Berlin, Columbiatheater (sold out)
  • 30.04.2020 - Mannheim, Old Fire Station (sold out)

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