amazon black friday deals

Amazon Black Friday Deals:

Amazon launches the bargain season with the new Black Friday week. Tips and explanations for the offers.

From 22 to 29 November, Amazon is hosting the Black Friday week, followed by Black Friday, and on December 2, Cyber ​​Monday.

This year, Amazon advertises thousands of offers that are expected to be available every day in a variety of categories and promises discounts of up to 50 per cent.

The offers will be made available again this year both directly from Amazon and marketplace dealers.

To successfully reach one or the other bargain, a few details have to be considered, which we have summarized for you.

Amazon always leads two different types of offers on its campaign page*: the flash offer and the daily offer. Flash offers are always available for a maximum of six hours, daily offers for 24 hours.

Both types of offers are only available as long as stocks last - aggravating or facilitating, Prime customers are allowed access to flash offers 30 minutes earlier.

Under certain circumstances, the Blitz offers with only a few items in the "open sale". The lightning offers are provided with an availability indicator that shows what percentage of the stock still exists.

Once an item lands in the cart, it is reserved for 15 minutes. If the checkout has not been carried out after 15 minutes, the item is no longer in stock.

Although the article remains in the shopping cart, if the stock should be sold out, the error message can be seen that the article is no longer available.

Bargain hunters who want to play it safe should, therefore, keep an eye on the Blitz offerings in good time before the start - and be logged in to Amazon at the start.

If your offer on Amazon * is already out of stock, the online giant for the Blitz offers a waiting list. There you may benefit if already reserved items are released by customers from the shopping cart after 15 minutes.

Black Friday on Amazon Deals - How it works with the bargain:

Completing purchases within 15 minutes: The offers are in the shopping cart in almost all online stores only a quarter of an hour reserved for you - who needs longer, may look in the tube.

The very fast ones can also log in to the online shop before starting the campaign and keep the clock ready.

Compare, compare, compare: The "recommended retail price" of a manufacturer that does not shatter reality, has yet to be born. Ideal * or have been helpful during our Cyber ​​Monday Quiz research last year.

For pure Amazon offers, which are not to be found in the price search engines, the use of Camelcamelcamel is recommended:

This portal displays the past prices of the desired article in a beautiful statistic. So you see wonderful, what has cost this article so far at Amazon.


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