Alexandra grant Keanu reeves

Alexandra grant Keanu reeves:

At the weekend, Keanu Reeves (55, "Matrix") was very familiar with a new woman at a LACMA Art + Film Gala event - including holding hands and a big smile on her face.

Now everyone is wondering: who is Alexandra Grant?

First and foremost, Grant is not new to Keanu Reeves' life - but an old friend, with whom creativity also connects him.

In 2011 they worked together on the book "Ode to Happiness", for which he contributed the texts and she contributed the illustrations.

It was not their only collaboration: in 2016, they once again published a joint book: Shadows. A year later they founded the publishing house "X Artists' Books".

The 46-year-old artist has exhibited in museums around the world, including the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, the Baltimore Contemporary Museum, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Grant occasionally seems to mate friends as well her Instagram account shows. There is a photo showing her friends Ginna and Edwin in the bond of marriage.

For the fans of Keanu Reeves, the new pictures are very special: For two decades, the actor has made no relationship more public.

That this couple's appearance will trigger a wave in the media, he must have been aware - which makes it all the more clear that this relationship is something serious.

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