Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter:

A new concern for Aaron Carter. The brother of "Backstreet Boys" star Nick Carter was emaciated hospitalized.

Aaron Carter makes headlines again: The 31-year-old makes with a photo from the hospital for excitement.

The picture posted on his Instagram account shows Nick Carter's brother asleep in a bed, with hospital tape attached to various devices.

The photo is commented with the sentence "Mama will take care of you".

Aaron Carter because of rapid weight loss in the clinic:

His mother Jane Carter, who is also his manager, told the gossip portal "TMZ" that Aaron had visited her on Thursday and she was immediately alarmed by his weight.

Aaron is only about 52 kilos to weigh. Previously he would have 72 kilos, according to his mother. In the clinic, some tests were performed on the results of the family still waiting.

As a reason for the serious weight loss called the portal, the injunction that Nick Carter obtained in September against his brother.

Because Aaron is said to have threatened to murder Nick's then-pregnant wife. Even his sister Angel turned away from him after he threatened her with a contract killer.

Therefore, according to TMZ, Aaron will have to attend a hearing next week.

Aaron Carter - Surprised hospitalized:

The fans care about the health of Aaron Carter. His mother now posted a picture showing the singer in the hospital.

Great concern for Aaron Carter (31, "Sooner Or Later"): After turbulent weeks, the singer seems to be currently in the hospital.

On his Instagram account, a picture was published showing the sleeping Carter at the Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital in Florida. It is unclear how the 31-year-old is doing exactly.

Mama Jane takes over his channels:

Carter's mother Jane, who shared the snapshot with her, has published the picture. She also spoke on the Carters Twitter profile.

Until he recovers, I take care of my son's social media channels, Mamma Jane, writes there. So Carter might be in the hospital for a while.

In September, the singer in the US show "The Doctors" spoke publicly about mental health problems.

"The official diagnosis is that I have multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia and acute anxiety," he said.

He was also manic-depressive. Carter put a bag full of prescription drugs in the camera and said, "I get Xanax, Seroquel, Gabapentin, Hydroxyzine, Trazodone, Omeprazole."


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