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Kristen Stewart 2019 News Update:

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson also have a deep connection six years after the breakup, an insider reportedly told.

The two twilight stars, who were able to develop into a wonderful couple in three films before the breakup, have grown together even after the affair scandal and the breakup.

An insider chats in that they are still in contact from time to time: "Rob and Kristen talk from time to time," the source revealed.

"Nothing is planned, but they support each other because they are real friends." In 2012, Kristen Stewart was caught red-handed along with the director of 'Snow White and the Huntsman'.

The bad thing: Robert's relationship was then and Kristen still in full swing - the alleged affair caused a lot of excitement and separations, the more surprising it is that the two should still be best friends after such a violent breach of trust and even support each other.

That's why Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are still close

The insider points to their shared history, which should have marked the two very much and so he continued: "Both have gone through with Twilight something that most people do not even deal.

They grew up together in Hollywood, and what they had to do with them was a deep bond. "In 2008, they appeared together for the first time in the first Twilight movie and became superstars overnight.

Robert will soon go as Batman on the big screen. Kristen has recently raved that she could not wait to see the movie and she could not wait for Robert to pronounce the famous words, "I'm Batman." The insider says that Robert was very happy about it because it means a lot to him.

Ex Robert as new Batman: That keeps Kristen Stewart away:

Robert Pattinson (33) still attaches great importance to the opinion of his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart (29).

The two newcomers did not just become superstars with the Twilight saga. Her private love relationship also made the actors the absolute dream couple of Hollywood.

Kissing pictures of Kristen with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders (48) rang in 2012 but then the end of the relationship.

Nevertheless, they are not indifferent. Kristen's reaction to his Batman occupation means a lot to Robert.

The "3 Angels for Charlie" actress has made no secret of how much she looks forward to her ex-boyfriend.

"I feel like he's the only one who can play the role," she said in an interview with Variety about his cast in The Batman.

"Rob's support is very important," an insider told Hollywood Life, affirming the statement, "It really means a lot to him because he still respects her opinion."

Although it is not clear how much Kristen and Rob are still in contact today. For him, the support came but apparently not surprising.

"Although their relationship did not work, they respect each other and will always stay connected.


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