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Voice Of Germany:

For the first time the talents of "The Voice of Germany" competed in the battle. In the team Sido there was a surprise: The rapper did not want to decide because of bad votes for any of his protégés.

Tyrone and Janet did not have an easy time on the first battle. First, they were not happy with their song selection "What's My Name" by Rihanna and Drake and then there was also harsh criticism for the performance of her coach Sido.

The 38-year-old made immediately clear: "We are not here on the dream ship, where one's wishes are fulfilled." Even with the samples, the two could not score.

Sido's harsh criticism of the vocal duo after the performance: "I'm a bit disappointed, I think you two have no serious chance on the show." Alice Merton, Rea Garvey and Mark Forster could not believe what they had just heard.

The rapper continues, "I will not take any of you to the next round." The other coaches were in contrast to Sido enthusiastic about the talent.

Mark Forster makes a tough decision on the "Steal Deal"

Mark Forster asked in disbelief in the direction of Lena Gercke: "Is that true?" The presenter confirmed Sido's decision and then it went to the "Steal Deal". The rule: The coaches can steal talents from each other.

Musician Rea Garvey opted for Tyrone and Mark Forster for Janet. But only for one candidate should it actually continue in the next round:

Forster chose the next "Steal Deal" singer Judith and thus was for Janet the chance to become 

finally over. Sido decided on a total of 20 talents, of which the first had to leave the casting show again.


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