Vodafone disorder

Vodafone disorder:

Vodafone customers throughout Germany face a problem on Wednesday evening: their landline phone is dead. To make matters worse, the fault hotline can not be reached.

The situation seems to relax. According to the number of malfunction, reports is currently around 4,000. Massive disruptions at Vodafone customers throughout GermanyFirst registration from 9 pm:

Munich - No call on this number - many Vodafone customers had to bring a lot of patience on Wednesday evening.

The website "allestörung.de" counted at times more than 20,000 error messages. The provider confessed a nationwide limitation in telephony over Vodafone cable connections.

The internet is not affected. However, the fault hotlines are also not available by phone - which makes the situation all the more difficult.

Germany-wide disruptions at Vodafone - 80,000 households affected

Customers who are also bothered by Internet reception will be recommended to use a power reset. Overall, according to a corporate spokeswoman 80,000 households in Germany are affected.

Several users report that they have received the notice that the telephony outage until 25 October - so Friday - was fixed at 13 clocks.

That would be more than 40 hours after the onset of the disorder, correspondingly indignant precipitate the reactions.

However, it is likely that this time limit is very broad and can be expected in advance with a return to normality.

It was not until September that widespread Internet failure at Vodafone upset customers.

As merkur.de  reports, customers of the provider in Pullach near Munich had to endure three days without Internet and telephone.


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