Two Dead Employees At Hermes:

Investigations in Haldensleben near Hermes: The police investigate two mysterious deaths of employees. Meanwhile, the operation was resumed.

Haldensleben (Saxony-Anhalt): At the parcel service Hermes on Tuesday (October 15), two parcel carriers have been found dead.

  • The cause of death could be clarified by an autopsy.
  • The employees now process 600,000 left-over items.

Update from October 17, 2019, 11.37 clock: Legal practitioners have examined the bodies of the dead Hermes employees of Haldensleben.

The autopsy confirmed the presumption of the police: evidence of poisoning could not be determined by the investigation, reports the DPA.

Instead, the autopsy showed that the two men died of natural causes. On the night of Tuesday, a dead man had been discovered on the grounds of Hermes. 

The 58-year-old should have collapsed and died on the spot. Another employee of the parcel delivery company was found dead in Haldensleben in a Hermes transport vehicle in the afternoon. The 45-year-old sat lifeless in the driver's seat.

Hermes: Mysterious deaths at Hermes: No evidence of toxic substances

Update from 17 October 2019, 9:57 am: The death of two employees of the Hermes logistics center in Saxony-Anhalt continues to raise questions.

At first, it was assumed that the parcel carriers had died from toxic substances. The investigators now exclude, however, as the DPA reports.

"The crime scene work was very extensive and meticulous. There was no evidence of harmful substances, "said police spokesman Frank Küssner on Tuesday in Magdeburg.

First results of the autopsy could be announced this Thursday. From the autopsy of the bodies, the police hope to clarify the cause of death.

Now there should be more and more evidence that the two Hermes employees died of natural causes.

The two deaths in Haldensleben triggered on Wednesday morning a large-scale deployment of the fire brigade with 120 forces. As a result, the affected Hermes shipping center ceased operations.

After about 24 hours, 70 to 100 employees began preparing for Hermes packages on the night shift on Wednesday evening.

Due to the mysterious deaths, the parcels piled up in the Hermes site near Magdeburg. The 600,000 left-lying articles now have to be sent, reports the MDR. The catch up will take about two days, according to

Parcel deliverers died in the Hermes Package Center: "Analytical Task Force Germany" in action

Update from 16 October 2019, 14.47 clock: The LKA Saxony-Anhalt has decided on a follow-up investigation in a part of the mail-order center, the company announced on its website.

Therefore, the operation in the Hermes parcel center can not be resumed as expected to late shift, but at the earliest night shift from 22 clocks.

Update from 16 October 2019, 13:32: Two employees (45, 58) at the parcel service Hermes died within a few hours.

The grief in Halendensleben (Saxony-Anhalt) is great. The cause of death of the two men, however, remains unclear.

Because of manslaughter or poisoning will not be determined, said police spokesman Frank Küssner on Wednesday to the news agency DPA. Nevertheless, the autopsy of the bodies was postponed.
However, to ensure that there is no danger to the medical staff at an autopsy, the chemical and toxic substances experts were asked for assistance.

"We take that seriously," said police spokesman Küssner. Once the experts give the go-ahead, the autopsies will be tackled.

The operation in the logistics center has been closed since Tuesday evening. Around 300,000 shipments remained, according to Hermes managing director Andreas Stumpf lie. According to him, it was planned to resume work at 14.30.

Two dead Hemres employees in Haldensleben: autopsy to clarify the cause of death

Update from 16 October 2019, 11:29: A 58-year-old collapses on the site, a 45-year-old is found lifeless in the driver's seat.

The emergency doctor was on Tuesday at 16 clocks only determine his death, reports the police.

Since the two deaths in a Hermes shipping center in Haldensleben (Saxony-Anhalt), the operation is still. The police follow different tracks. The cause of death remains unclear.

The bodies of the two men are to be autopsied on Wednesday in Magdeburg. The first review of a forensic doctor did not indicate a connection between the two deaths and no specific evidence of symptoms of intoxication.

The death of the 58-year-old driver at the Hermes shipping center around 1 o'clock on Tuesday was assessed by the ambulance as a natural death.

Hemers: Two dead employees found - dangerous substance under suspicion

Update from 16 October 2019, 8.07 clock: indications that dangerous substances have caused the death of the two men (45, 58), there were, according to initial findings initially not.

"The dose needed to die was not reached," a police spokesman said Wednesday morning.

Test equipment had indicated on one of the examined packages the smallest amounts of a commercially available substance, which could be dangerous according to police in large quantities.

According to the spokesman, the fire brigade, therefore, opened all parcels in the van, in which a Hermes employee in Haldensleben had delivered parcels on Tuesday shortly before his death.

"These were normal delivery packages with commercial content," said the police spokesman.

Mysterious deaths in shipping center at Hermes: Press spokesman expresses - Operation stands still

7:06: After two unexplained deaths at a parcel service in Saxony-Anhalt, the operation in the shipping center is initially quiet.

"The important thing is that our employees are not at risk, that there is no residue of anything, if and whatever it was," said a Hermes spokesman on Wednesday morning. He could not even say when the operation would resume.

Hermes employees are killed: specialists investigate in Haldensleben

Update from 16 October, 6.30 clock: After two unexplained deaths at a parcel service provider in Saxony-Anhalt test equipment displayed on one of the examined packages least amounts of a commercially available substance, which could be dangerous according to police in large quantities.

The investigation of the transporter, in which a Hermes employee had delivered in Haldensleben immediately before his death on Tuesday packages, therefore, would last, said a police spokesman early Wednesday morning.

"All remaining packages have yet to be opened." So far, the investigators have assumed a chain of unfortunate coincidences.Mysterious deaths in Haldensleben near Hermes with a large-scale police operation

The first report from October 15th, 11 pm: Haldensleben - A large contingent of police and fire service came on Tuesday evening to a shipping centre in Haldensleben in Saxony-Anhalt. Previously, a dead man had been discovered there. So far unclear is the cause of death.
This is currently the investigation, it is said. The man is a driver of the parcel service. There were no indications of external influence according to initial findings.

There was one more dead: is there a connection?

However, this is probably not the only death in connection with the parcel shipment: Already the night before, an employee of the company has died, reports the image.

Besides, there should have been another seriously injured employee in the morning. The police are therefore currently determining whether there is a connection between the cases.

The shipping center was therefore occupied by a large contingent of emergency personnel and the area was cordoned off and evacuated.


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