Tesla shares

Tesla shares:

The American carmaker reports a result that is lower than a year ago. Nevertheless, investors react enthusiastically, the share price goes through the roof.

tesla market shares:

The American electric car maker Tesla has surprisingly made a profit last quarter. At the stock market, this message is celebrated.

The share price of the group bulls and climbs by more than 17 per cent to 268.30 euros. The bottom line was a surplus of $ 143 million from July to September, Tesla said Wednesday.

That was more than half less than in the same period a year ago. Analysts had expected but a loss. Company boss Elon Musk himself had promised profits only in the fourth quarter.

Tesla Shares Price

tesla shares price:

Meanwhile, some analysts remain cautious. Although JP Morgan has raised the price target for Tesla from $ 200 to $ 220 but left the rating on "Underweight."

The electric car makers were surprised positively, wrote analyst Ryan Brinkman in a study Brinkman adjusted his forecasts accordingly,

But he was Not sure if this is already the breakthrough announced by the company, so it is unclear which non-recurring revenue will exactly match the outcome contributed.

tesla shares outstanding:

Tesla has been on the stock exchange for some time a difficult position. The share has fallen since the beginning of the year by 24 per cent, although the market is overall clearly in the plus.

But after the first quarter without a loss in the current year Musk can at least temporarily trump.

The Letter to Shareholders also mentions "fundamental progress in our operational efficiency" - despite lower prices by far the best-selling and most favourable Tesla model 3, profit margins improved.


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