Shots In Halle With Two Dead:

Shooting in Halle killed two people. A suspect has been arrested, and other perpetrators may still be on the run. The goal was the Jewish community.

After two people were killed in the hall, police arrested a suspect. Details of the arrest and the alleged perpetrator are not yet known.

According to the police, a man had previously been shot dead in Halle in a snack bar, a woman had been killed in the Humboldtstraße near the cemetery.

The situation is still confusing: According to initial findings fell in the Paulusviertel north of the old town several shots.

The police were reportedly alarmed shortly after 12 clocks, the investigators wrote on Twitter of several perpetrators.

Meanwhile, the federal prosecutor's office has taken over the investigation. All current developments can be read here in the news blog.
A suspect tried to invade the synagogue in Paulusviertel. Max Privorozki, chairman of the Jewish Community in Halle, confirmed the incident to SPIEGEL.

There are currently 70 to 80 people in the synagogue," said Privorotzki. The security measures at the entrance have "withstood the attack," he said.

At present, Jews around the world commemorate Yom Kippur, the highest Jewish holiday. That's probably why there were so many members in the church.

The suspect wore a combat uniform:

The alleged perpetrators had later fled in a vehicle, the police had informed. One of the suspects, according to photos and videos of eyewitnesses present to the Spiegel, wore a helmet and clothes resembling a combat uniform.

According to information from the SPIEGEL is at least two offenders. They separated after the attack - one of the suspects fled in the taxi and could be stopped on the highway.

In addition to the shots in Halle, shots were fired in Landsberg, about 15 kilometres away. To the closer circumstances of the incident made a spokeswoman no information.

The city administration said: "Mayor Dr Bernd Wiegand has called the staff for exceptional events in connection with a riot." All rescue workers of the fire brigade were put on alert.

The city issued a message about the Kat Warn app, with the indication to the population not to leave buildings and apartments until further notice. Under number 115 citizens can inform themselves.

The police tweeted that they were travelling with strong forces. People should stay in their apartments.

"Stay still vigilant," the police wrote after the first arrest. Also, the investigators called to refrain from speculation.

Meanwhile, the state government's situation centre warned against a "firearms use in the area Landsberg" east of Halle. There, the residents were also asked not to leave buildings and apartments.

The station of Halle is closed according to the data of the German course because of a police investigation. This was announced by the company on Twitter.

Government dismayed:

The Federal Government has been shocked by the fatal shots fired by Halle. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert spoke of "terrible news". That there are two dead, is "horrible".

He very much hopes that the police will be able to grab the perpetrator or the perpetrators as quickly as possible and that no other person will be endangered.

It is now very important that the population follow the instructions of the police. Seibert stressed that he still has no information on the possible backgrounds.

A speaker of the Federal Ministry of the Interior expressed itself similarly: To the motive situation is "at present no reputable data" possible.


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