Seventh Son - So It Is About The Long Planned Sequel

Seventh Son

Seventh Son:

When "Seventh Son" hit theatres in 2015, the studio had big plans for the fantasy saga. There was even a launch date for the sequel "Seventh Son 2: Mystery Of The Gnydr", which will probably not come anymore - and with good reason.

It was another big movie universe when Legendary Entertainment released "Seventh Son" in 2015 - at least that was the studio's calculation,

with the American-Chinese co-production, especially in the movie's two major movie markets World wanted to make a lot of money. It was even so confident that this would succeed in announcing a sequel for January 2017.

Why we did not see anything from "Seventh Son 2: Mystery Of The Gnydr", is quickly explained: "Seventh Son" flopped at the box office quite huge!

At a production cost of $ 95 million, the film earned just $ 114 million, of which only $ 17 million came from the US and 27 from China.

With such numbers, no studio boss insists on a repetition. But why did not want to see the film despite Staraufgebot - including Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes - nobody?


The supposed fantasy spectacle did not appeal to critics or the audience. But one after the other…

This is what the film is about: The Ghostbusters Order of the so-called "Spooks" has always protected people against mysterious characters like ghosts or witches.

To continue this tradition, John Gregory (Jeff Bridges), the last master of the art of "Spooks", is seeking apprentices to pursue his legacy.

The ultimate requirement for all followers: They must be the seventh son of a seventh son. And the young farmer Tom (Ben Barnes) fulfils that claim.

However, together with his fellow candidates and his mentor, he soon finds himself at great risk. Because the overpowering witch Malkin (Julianne Moore) has to pay another bill with Gregory.

"Seventh Son" is trying to inherit the legacy of franchise heroes like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, but does not provide any fresh ideas or surprising twists and turns,

So that almost all of the movie's notable elements are known from other fantasy material. Anyone who knows "The Chronicles of Narnia", "Lord of the Rings" or the adventures of the heroes already mentioned will simply not get anything new here.

In our criticism of the film, it is therefore also: ", Seventh Son 'is a listless looking youth fantasy film from the retort, which impressed only with its opulent CGI effects.


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