peter altmaier fall

Peter Altmaier fall and leaving the stage:

The Minister of Economy stumbles at the Digital Summit on leaving the stage. The event will continue without him. Further appointments say Altmaier.

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) has fallen on the digital summit of the Federal Government in Dortmund on departure from the stage.

The 61-year-old minister stumbled at the end of his opening speech on the steps on the podium and fell.

Peter Altmaier Broken his nose and go to Hospital:

Altmaier suffered a broken nose and suffered a laceration, bruises and abrasions.

This resulted in the investigation in the hospital, as the German press agency learned on Tuesday from government circles.

The Minister was initially powerless after the fall but came back to consciousness on the spot.

The CDU politician was examined for hours in the clinic. As the DPA learned, he will not participate in the meeting of the Federal Cabinet this Wednesday in Berlin
After the fall of Altmaier, all conference participants had to leave the hall. Helpers shielded him with a black sheet.

Altmaier was soon taken to the hospital with an ambulance. The Minister had already thanked his doctors for the care.

Peter Altemeier procedure For the ambitious project:

A spokesman for Altmaier told the Tagesspiegel that the minister will not perform any more on Tuesday.

Altmaier was later to introduce the cloud network Gaia-X, the ambitious project for a European data infrastructure as an alternative to the services of American Internet companies.

The Gaia-X project was presented without Altmaier. The press conference scheduled for 11 am with Altmaier and representatives of Bitcoin was cancelled.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) visited the Digital Summit in the afternoon. She addressed Greetings from Altmaier in her speech.

"He needs to take care of himself, but he's fine. I am optimistic that he will be back on deck soon, "Merkel said.

peter Altmaier - Recovery wishes from the colleagues:

The North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) described his impression of the accident and wished at the same time a good recovery.

Laschet had spoken on Tuesday morning immediately before Altmaier and saw his fall when leaving the stage from proximity.

"We all caught our breath. Good thing a doctor and medical professor were with him immediately, "said Laschet.

"Peter Altmaier could thank all the helpers before he was taken to the hospital. I heartily wish him a speedy recovery. "

Laschet continued, "I hear that he is doing well in the circumstances. That makes us hope that he can soon be active again in old freshness. "

CDU chief and defence minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer reported on Twitter and wished Altmaier "that you can quickly get back on your feet".

The nose of the nose was not mentioned by the Minister of Economy. Altmaier had wanted to make it clear with his tweet that he was lucky and had suffered no serious injury, according to the DPA according to government circles.

In addition to many wishes for recovery, Twitter also had a lot of malice for Altmaier.

The Christian Social Dorothee Bär, who appeared after the Minister of Economic Affairs at the summit, did not want to leave that out without comment.

"Forgive my saying I might puke when I read the comments on Peter Altmaier on social media," said the Minister of State for Digitization. "What good are platforms if we lose humanity?"

It's about digital platforms - search engines, comparison and evaluation portals, marketplaces, trading platforms, media and content services, online games or social networks.


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