Love Island

Love Island candidates Yasin and Samira Are Still Happy:

Their time together on "Love Island" was ups and downs, but they found each other.

This year's nominees Yasin and Samira have gone as a couple out of the dome show and are only two weeks after the finals, the next big steps in their fresh relationship.

Apparently, Samira met Yasin's family this weekend. But that was not all: Apparently, Yasin actually moves to Samira in Hamburg.

After the family weekend in a packed car in the direction of Hamburg:

Samira visited Yasin at the weekend in Memmingen in Bavaria - and with it his family. On Instagram she writes: "It was a very nice weekend with the great family of Yasin.

Yasin shared the same with his followers: "We are just in Memmingen with my family and have a lot to do because of moving to Hamburg."

The 28-year-old revealed a few days ago on Instagram that he and Samira live together. However, it was unclear exactly where.

Since Samira is from Hamburg, Yasin will finally move in with her - just two weeks after the end of "Love Island".


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