Limburg Murder:

On Friday in Limburg, a woman with an axe was brutally killed. The police released more information on perpetrators and victims.

A magistrate at the district court Limburg has issued at 19.15 arrest warrant for murder against the man, who should have hit his wife first in Limburg and then slain with an axe.

The arrest warrant was put into execution. This has just been confirmed by the deputy spokesman of the public prosecutor's office of Limburg, Manuel Jung.

The 31-year-old man has, therefore, made no statement about the crime and his motive. The two children are in the care of the youth welfare office.

The crime scene was cordoned off with privacy screens. The criminal police have taken the evidence, it is said. According to the prosecution, experts were on site to reconstruct the exact sequence of events.

The Bild newspaper wants to have found out more information about perpetrators and victims. So the two should have two children together, who were at the time of the act in kindergarten.

So far, the urgent suspects have not commented on the allegations. The public prosecutor's office in Limburg wants to comment on it until 3 pm, whether the alleged perpetrator will be presented to the magistrate today or only on Saturday.

Public prosecution and police in Limburg now announce more details about the homicidal crime near the train station in Limburg a der Lahn (Limburg-Weilburg district). The crime happened in the Weiersteinstra├če.

A 34-year-old man is accused of killing his 31-year-old wife on Friday morning (25.10.2019). The police currently assume a relationship.

"The 34-year-old suspect was arrested after the fact even at the scene by forces of the Limburg police without resistance," it says in the joint statement.

Limburg: Woman killed with an axe:

Witnesses reported, according to prosecutors shortly after the fact that the suspect at 8.30 clock initially followed the woman with an Audi.

The 31-year-old was walking on the sidewalk next to the road at the time. Subsequently, the 34-year-old suspect left his vehicle.

He should have smashed with an object on the woman lying on the ground. According to FNP information, this item was an axe. The woman was so badly injured in the attack that she died at the scene.

Limburg: man kills his wife with an axe - police starts from relationship act

Witnesses called the police in Limburg. The police could meet the 34-year-old there and arrest. Specialists of the Kriminalpolizei have taken up the forensics at the crime scene.

The measures also included a police helicopter. The police have indications that videos or photos may have been taken by the witnesses.

"Such people are asked not to publish their recordings on the Internet," warns the police. Witnesses should immediately provide their material to the police.

The police in Limburg continue to ask for evidence from witnesses on the phone number 06431 / 9140-0.

Limburg: Woman is approached on the open road and killed with an axe

The first report from Friday, 25.10.2019, 10.36 clock: Limburg - On Friday morning, a man has brutally killed a woman in the city of Limburg.

A large contingent of rescue and criminal police is currently on the move. A 34-year-old man killed his 31-year-old wife this morning. According to police, the man first hit his wife by car.

Limburg: killed on the open road with the axe

Witnesses reported that he then killed them with an axe. It should be done around 8.25 clock. Both were said to have lived in the street near Limburg train station. More about the backgrounds are not yet known.

The road is currently closed. The forensics is at work, also a large contingent of the police is in use. However, there is no major traffic obstruction, as the road is not a thoroughfare.

Limburg: Woman is killed on the open road with the axe:

In the trial for the Niddapark murder in Frankfurt, the parents of the killed Irina A. in court now have insight into the financial circumstances of her daughter. The defendant is heavily burdened.

In Hanau, a suspected leader of a sect should be responsible for the death of a boy (4). Now diary entries have emerged that shock.

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