League of Legends

League Of Legends Gets Mobile:

One of the most successful computer games in the world receives after some ten years, some offshoots.

Developer Riot Games is planning an offshoot of "League of Legends" for smartphones and consoles. Also, a new trading card game, a shooter and a management simulation are in progress.

About another secret project, the makers are still silent. Rumours of new games from the League of Legends universe have been around for a long time.

For the tenth anniversary of "League of Legends" (about 80 million active players per month), Riot Games has just announced a whole new set of titles.

"League of Legends: Wild Rift" (PC and consoles): Like the original, "Wild Rift" is a "free-to-play" game.

Again, 5-man teams compete against each other with their champions. To start, there are 40 heroes who can be unlocked even without the use of real money. Deadline: 2020

Legends of Runeterra (for PC, iOS, and Android): A blizzard-style card game called Hearthstone.

However, there should be no random purchases ("Lootboxing"). Which cards you get, you can sometimes even influence yourself. Deadline: 2020

"League of Legends Esports Manager": In this game, you build your own "League of Legends" team and lead it to great tournament successes. Appointment: Still open

League of Legends shooter: Riot Games is planning an unnamed online action game in a new universe.

The shooter is reminiscent of similar team shooting games like "Overwatch" and Co. Date: Still open
In addition to these three games, the developer is still working on a fighting game and a secret project, to which there is no information.

And those who do not want to play, can in the future just watch the new animation series "Arcane" from the "LoL" universe.


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