jeffrey epstein news

Jeffrey Epstein news:

Almost three months after the death of US millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, doubts about his officially declared suicide are again raised.

The evidence suggested that the investment banker had been murdered in his jail cell, a pathologist committed by Epstein's brother told Fox News on Wednesday.

Thus, Michael Baden contradicted the official findings of the authorities, according to which Epstein had hanged in August in a New York high-security prison.

Jeffrey Epstein death - Injuries indicate death by strangling:

Epstein's injuries suggested death by strangulation, said the former New York coroner who was present at the autopsy.

Several fractures in Epstein's neck, especially the hyoid bone and the thyroid cartilage, are "very unusual for suicide".

According to New York Forensic Medicine, Epstein had committed suicide in his prison cell in August.

He was indicted in the United States for various sexual crimes. If convicted, the US millionaire would face up to 45 years imprisonment.

Epstein's lawyers and his brother doubt the Findings of Forensic Medicine.

Jeffrey Epstein - New York coroner wants no new investigation

The head of the New York Forensic Medicine, Barbara Sampson, stayed with her on Wednesday.

The forensic medical examination had been "thorough and complete", she explained on request of the AFP news agency. "There is no reason for a second medical examination by our authority."

Jeffrey Epstein children:

The 66-year-old Epstein had good contacts with numerous politicians and celebrities, including British Prince Andrew and US President Donald Trump.

He is said to have sexually abused underage girls and young women for years and instigated prostitution.

Several women in the United States are facing serious allegations that Epstein also referred them to friends and acquaintances as "sex slaves". Directly after his death, doubts were already raised about suicide.

So it was speculated that he had been murdered so that he could reveal no compromising information about some of his prominent acquaintances.


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