Jane Fonda

Hollywood-Star Jane:

Although she did not win the Nobel Peace Prize, Greta has now been given a powerful ally in America: actress Jane Fonda (81).

Two-time Oscar and seven-time Golden Globe winner. Daughter and sister of Hollywood legends Henry and Peter Fonda.

The ex-wife of media mogul and CNN founder Ted Turner and Vietnam War opponent nicknamed Hanoi Jane.

The actress wants to protest every Friday in front of the steps of the Capitol in Washington for more climate protection. Each time until she is arrested.

For this, she has moved temporarily to the US capital. "I will take my body, which is currently famous and popular through my TV show, and then I will organize a protest every Friday," she said to the Washington Post last week.

"We will call it 'fire exercise'. And we will practice civil disobedience until we are arrested. "Prompt clicks on the first Friday, the handcuffs.

Fonda was arrested for illegal protest and blockage of a public building. She had achieved what she wanted: Everywhere in the US newspapers, she was seen being carried off in a bright red coat and head held high.

It was Greta who had inspired the Hollywood icon. "When she was dealing with the climate. she was so traumatized that she stopped talking and eating, Fonda said.

That moved me deeply and I understood that Greta saw the truth. And since then, the urgency has reached my DNA as never before. "

Now she is fighting for the climate. Every Thursday, she organizes a kind of online seminar where climatologists talk about the aspects of global warming.

It will also look at how violence against women is increasing in regions that are already suffering from climate change.

Every Friday morning, she will then march on the steps to the Capitol and present her protest posters to senators and members of parliament.

Each time she wants to stay until she is discharged again. In the hope that more and more Americans will follow her.
It remains to be seen if she will have a similar response as her 65 years younger role model from Sweden.

But she has already invited other Hollywood stars such as Kyra Sedgwick, Catherine Keener and Ted Danson to the protests. Even Ben Cohen - founder of the famous ice cream chain "Ben & Jerry" is behind me.

And Fonda has turned to the civil rights movement "Black Lives Matter" and the youth environmental protection organization "Sunrise Movement" and invited them to come to the Capitol.

Their protests will deliberately take place on the side of the congress building facing the powerful Constitutional Court so that even the country's top judges can not look the other way.

Fonda's demands may sound radical to many: "We have to stop all new oil drilling rights and their processing and export," she says.

"If we continue to mine more fossil fuels, all efforts to reduce demand for oil, gas and coal will be useless."

However, she also said that she will not be as blatant about her demands as Greta. So she will continue to fly even if this is really necessary.

And she would not become a vegan. "We should not scare off people who eat meat. "Regarding Greta and her Asperger syndrome, she said, "She showed me that people on the autism spectrum can be as focused as a laser beam.

And when asked if she feared that President Donald Trump would talk about them on Twitter as well Greta said,

"I have an invisible protective armour. I'll be in December 82. There's nothing they can do to me. "


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